12 technological innovations that are changing the world

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12 technological innovations that are changing the world

Therefore, in this post, we have separated 12 examples of technological innovations that contributed to the current moment we are living in. Check out the material until the end and enjoy!

What is technological innovation?

To understand what technological innovation is, let’s first understand what innovation is!

In a popular way, it is when we propose something different that adds to the market. These are services and products designed to facilitate and contribute to society as a whole.

Therefore, technological innovation is the definition cited, but related to factors involving technology.

12 examples of technological innovations that are changing the world

Broadly speaking, technological innovations are news that benefit several companies, from the most varied segments, and end users.

1. Social Networks via the Internet

It was in the 1990s, with the availability of the internet, that the idea of ​​social networks went into the virtual world.

Nowadays, it seems impossible to think of a world away from social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Through social networks, it is possible to interact with people from all over the world. It is possible to exchange experiences, post relevant content, sell – through tools such as  Instagram Shopping – find groups of people with similar ideas, network, and much more.

2. GPS System

The Global Positioning System, in Portuguese, means Global Positioning System, which is nothing more than a satellite location from a mobile device.

This technological innovation was created in 1973 with the aim of facilitating navigation systems. Nowadays, it is possible to find information about a certain location at any time and in any weather condition.

GPS works using 24 satellites that surround planet Earth. Anywhere on the planet, it is possible to capture information through the exchange of data and algorithms. This tells the user their exact location on the map.

3. Machines capable of learning

Machine Learning (also called machine learning, in Portuguese) should be one of the technological innovations that will most impact our lives in the coming years.

It is already present in a large part of our activities, especially in the software we use to work.

It is only through them that we can access so much information quickly. And, based on this data, we can make more assertive decisions.

4. Delivery drones

Drones have become a rage, especially for personal use. In 2017, the total number of devices worldwide reached around 3 million. Now, corporate drones are also expected to gain more space.

Its main commercial use for the next few years should be as a delivery driver. Have you ever imagined receiving your pizza this way? Well, the company Domino’s carried out a test in 2016, in New Zealand.

And, of course, Amazon was not left behind. The company, always attentive to technological innovations, launched the so-called Prime Air with the intention of drastically reducing delivery times using drones.

5. Virtual assistants

Another technological innovation that aims to make human life easier is virtual assistants. Through advanced technology, they are able to understand everything you say and interact.

More than just helping you by telling you what the weather forecast is, what the traffic is like buying products, scheduling meetings, or searching for terms on the internet, virtual assistants can, in the future, help with any matter, including your health.

6. Blockchain

There was the “ bitcoin boom ” and there was a lot of talk about digital currencies. But now, it seems that blockchain is the new hot thing.

Simplifying the matter, it is a decentralized network architecture that avoids duplication of records.

In the beginning, it was created with the intention of ensuring reliable Bitcoin transactions between interested parties. But, because it has several applications, many people believe that this is one of the most important technological innovations for the future.

7. 3D Print Everything

One of the most interesting technological innovations that can really change our lives is the 3D printer. In the past, these devices were gigantic and were only used to print documents.

Today, you just need to be connected to a computer that has the ideal software and you will be able to print any object. Furniture, musical instruments, or even a car.

8. Payment by facial recognition

Face recognition has evolved a lot. Have you ever noticed that when you upload a photo with friends on Facebook, the system already recognizes most of them? It’s not magic, it’s a great example of technological innovations in algorithms and artificial intelligence.

9. Smart wind and solar power

Many countries are looking for alternative energy sources. The Sun and the wind are examples. That is solar energy and wind energy. These are options that cause less environmental impact, as in the case of using water for this purpose.

10. Online shopping

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is sales carried out over the Internet. Nowadays, buying online has revolutionized the way we consume.

11. Cloud Computing

In Portuguese, cloud computing is the possibility of accessing files, such as images, videos, audio, etc., remotely via a virtual network. There is no longer any need to save on your notebook or desktop computer, and access is restricted to your machine only.

12. Business Intelligence (BI)

A great advance for companies is being able to analyze corporate data. Business intelligence is responsible for collecting, integrating verifying, and presenting data.

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