Mental Health

How to lower your stress level?

Working under time pressure, arguing with our mate, or a forthcoming test- again and again, we witness situations in our

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Vipassana means looking outside, it means seeing effects as they are, and it’s the art of living. Vipassana Meditation is

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06 Gifts for Stroke Patients for Recovery

Looking for stylish gifts for stroke patients? From small tokens of appreciation to stylish home décor, we've got you covered!

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Symptoms of a stroke in women

Symptoms of a stroke in women. Stroke is the leading cause of death in women. we wonder what the symptoms

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Somatic therapy : Emotions in our body

Somatic therapy is not without its critics, however, the latest advances in neuroscience support many of its principles.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most dependable and effective models for treating psychopathological disorders.

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Meditation : 5 Tips for beginners

Meditation can present some difficulty for beginners. Are you doing it right or constantly getting distracted during practice?

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Post-traumatic stress syndrome

Post-traumatic stress syndrome is a psychiatric complaint. That appears in people who have endured a dramatic occasion in their lives.

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Foot Reflexology and its Cognitive benefits

More than 170 studies have been carried out that demonstrate the effectiveness of Foot Reflexology. It is recommended once a

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Acupuncture and its 06 Health benefits

Acupuncture, from traditional Chinese medicine, treats health problems by applying needles or lasers to body points called meridians.

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Alzheimer’s complaint and its types

No single bracket exists to classify Alzheimer's types. Valid clinical criteria are used for differentiation by practitioners.

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4 tips for improving deep sleep

"Are you struggling to wake up or feeling exhausted? Learn about the importance of deep sleep for a restful night's

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12 tips for dealing with anxiety

Anxiety can be a helpful signal that alerts us to potential risks. However, when it becomes overwhelming, it can impact

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Practicing yoga can help you stay fit, relax, and more. Discover the benefits of this physical and mental practice in

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