7 essential technologies for companies that want to grow in 2023

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7 essential technologies for companies that want to grow in 2023

Continue reading and check out the 7 essential technologies for companies that want to grow in 2023. Now, the Brazilian industry is preparing for a new moment, recent developments are giving way to even more connected and more profitable businesses. Monitoring and adhering to new technologies are essential actions for growing companies.

Main technologies to boost your business.

When we talk about essential technologies for companies, the trends for this year point to a mix of already-known resources that are undergoing an evolution.

The new features have a common denominator: tools focused on boosting digitalization and increasing efficiency and growth for all types of businesses. We selected a list of the main technologies for 2022, check it out!

Automation and hyperautomation

Although it is already well-known in the industry, there is still a lot of room for automation solutions within manufacturing parks.

It allows you to speed up the time spent performing all types of tasks and increase the precision with which they are carried out. In 2023, the trend is for even more efficient and faster resources (hello, 5G!) to be adopted by Brazilian industry: it is hyper-automation – capable of freeing us from tasks that can be fully automated so that we can dedicate ourselves only to those we can handle. provide a differential value.

Investment in this area shows its relevance – according to a Gartner study, the global software market that deals with automation will reach US$600 billion by 2023.

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Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics uses data, statistics, and machine learning techniques to accurately predict future scenarios.

It predicts when a machine will need maintenance, what the production capacity will be according to stock, and how much will need to be produced to meet expected sales demand, for example.

This feature is also not new, but it is on our list because predictive analytics tools will continue to change the rules of the game across industries, playing a crucial role in data analysis, especially in the IT ecosystem.

Furthermore, it will be essential in boosting IoT technology and cybersecurity.

Total Experience (TX)

Total Experience is a business strategy that involves employee experience, and customer experience. User experience, and, as new, multi-experience across multiple touchpoints.

The main characteristic of this resource is that it generates more trust. Satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy for customers and employees – it is a new way of building loyalty, both for consumers and employees.

Analyzing this combination of experiences has great potential to improve business results, accelerating its growth.

Data Mesh

Data Fabric, also known as a data structure. Is a flexible and robust integration solution for data sources between client platforms, users, and service providers.

It allows data to be available anywhere, adapting where necessary.

Another feature is to use analytics to autonomously learn and recommend where it should be used or modified. This is a significant advancement as it can reduce data management efforts by 70%.

RFID technology

By 2023, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology will be widespread beyond supply chain management.

Its use is expected to be applied in manufacturing (smart factories) and retail (pre- and after-sales). An expansion as the technology becomes less expensive and more adaptable.

Distribution, inventory management, fulfillment. A long list of other logistics applications will reduce labor requirements, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Additionally, businesses and consumers will have access to more information about where products come from (full tracking across the entire supply chain for authenticity). What’s in the products (for accuracy), and more (for marketing).


Last year, Mark Zuckerberg made waves. When he announced his investments in this digital universe in which physical and virtual reality mix in a shared online space.

The tendency is for the metaverse to completely change the way we work, shop, communicate, and have fun.

In this sense, the feature will offer great opportunities for companies. From increasing their social presence to office work, payments, healthcare, buying and selling products, etc.

Multinational giants such as Facebook (which has already changed its name to Meta). Zara, Epic Games, and Microsoft are just some of the examples of companies that have joined this trend and will be the main drivers of this new universe.

ERP management systems

Software for integrated management of manufacturing stages and administrative tasks ( ERP systems ) is a great ally in the digital transformation of any business.

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