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8 BOOKS ABOUT TECHNOLOGY. Have you ever heard of artificial intelligence, Big Data, virtual reality, internet of things? Stay up to date with the most discussed technology trends with this selection of books!

Have you ever heard of artificial intelligence, data science, or virtual reality? But are you clear on what these terms actually mean?

Knowing more about them, however, goes beyond the need to satisfy curiosity. Anyone who works in areas that intersect or interface with technology is almost mandatory. Others may see these “new” mechanisms as a market that would be interesting to be part of. Therefore, we have compiled a list of renowned books that cover four of the trends that are on the rise.

8 books about technology

Artificial intelligence

#1 “ The Master Algorithm: How the Search for the Ultimate Machine Learning Algorithm Will Recreate Our World”, by Pedro Domingos

Recommended work for anyone who wants to learn about the basic points of artificial intelligence, including types and what is currently being done in the area – all in a very didactic way. This first technology book is even recommended by the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, as one of the essentials for understanding the subject.

#2 “AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order”, by Kai-Fu Lee

Kai-Fu Lee is an investor, technology executive, and artificial intelligence expert. In this book, he explains the influence of this type of mechanism on the current world order.

Virtual reality

#3 “ Virtual and Augmented Reality. Technologies for Professional Applications”, by Arivelto Bustamante Fialho

Aimed at people who have little or no knowledge about the concepts of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Among the points covered are principles, applications, and benefits.

#4 “ What is Virtual Reality?: Everything You Wanted to Know Featuring Exclusive Interviews With the Leaders of the VR Industry”, by Yoni Binstock

Introduction to the topic of virtual reality, the work features insights from the world’s leading experts on future possibilities.

Internet of Things

#5 “ Internet of Things Without Mysteries: A new intelligence for business”, by Renata Rampim de Freitas Dias

Work by PhD in Electrical Engineering Renata Rampim de Freitas Dias that narrates the evolution of the concept, since the term was coined in 1990, to the present day – in addition to pointing out future projections.

#6 “The Internet of Things”, by Samuel Greengard

Book part of MIT’s Essential Knowledge collection, which provides an overview of the Internet of Things. What it is, pros and cons, and where it is currently evolving.

big data

#7 “ Big Data. The Future of Data and Applications”, by Felipe Nery Rodrigues Machado

The penultimate of the Na Practica selection of books on technology aims to present the main fundamentals of Big Data (large volume of data), its history, and its use.

#8 “ Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data”, by Phil Simon

The award-winning author explores the Big Data trend, the large amounts of data available, and what the new types and sources are.

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