8 podcasts about technology

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8 podcasts about technology

Podcasts about technology grow exponentially, in Spotify searches. Furthermore, have podcasts really taken the place of radio? By the way, let’s say yes. Among all age groups, there is a huge number of users who seek this type of entertainment. While: They drive, study, and travel. Or even doing some physical activity. In principle, podcasts exist not just now. However, with the advent of the pandemic,

1. Tecnocast

Firstly, Tecnocast. Here we have a podcast about technology covering the world of IT. With insights into transformation in the field of work and people. In different ways.  It’s a lighter podcast. With relevance in the major changes caused by technologies. I’ll let you know beforehand that there are several themes portrayed in his daily life applied to his professional career, as an example. On the other hand, it is very interesting, as there are several podcasts that address such an innovative and practical topic. For listeners, for those who like this type of content, it is well worth following. There are the IT guys.

2. Clipboard

First of all, if you like how: Software, applications, and launches impact people. Just as they guide the way we consume and interpret these innovations. It’s on the Clipboard podcast. Furthermore, it is handled in a relaxed manner and by qualified people. In which, world views, on these different technological areas, open our minds to these new tools. They are very well discussed and presented in this podcast. Not very important, but have you noticed how technologies are initially ignored? However, they are accepted by humanity. After seeing the benefits of your tools. In conclusion, it’s worth thinking about.

3. Product Women

Next up, Product Women. The podcast is composed of the highest technical quality. It portrays how technology is in parallel with the careers of Systems development, IT, UI/UX Design, PM, and PO, for example. It is worth highlighting how much women are engaged in technology. Where topics and interviews with great influential professionals and experts on the subject are covered. For those who like information, in a more conceptual way and with clear definitions. Or on the other hand, considering how technology is developing, in favor of professional careers, we recommend this podcast.

4. Braincast

Then we have Braincast. It is very famous as a podcast about technology. Where it addresses the system and culture. We are influenced by the various means of communication, modern and innovative, in our daily lives. In short, Brainstorming is widely talked about and used. Essential for various solutions. At first glance, it is the creation of ideas, to boost your business or the team you work for. Here at FM2S, we offer a  free e-book teaching you the perfect tool for this application. Initially, it is very important to understand how society, in general, behaves in the face of these new technologies. It’s a complete podcast. Which can be found on several media platforms, in addition to Spotify. We certainly guarantee that it is worth checking out.

5. BI na Veia

Currently, Business Intelligence is a highly sought-after soft skill. It came to stand out in the market, with its countless methodological tools. The BI podcast in vein, addresses the main insights outside the curve. To master it and apply it to your work routine. In other words, it is important to emphasize clarity and objectivity in this podcast. Which is impeccable. It is also very didactic and enjoyable. Finally, with topics and views from professionals regarding this topic. Similarly, the strength of the data is also commented on. The importance of its analysis, not only, has become one of today’s main assets for companies. In other words, stay up to date!

6. Open Source

Next up is the B9 Open Source podcast. It is presented by Ju Wallauer & Carlos Merigo. Where they denote the future of technology and social media. In which they affect people’s careers, and their lifestyle itself. Where the topic is focused on trends and their impacts on society. The theme of which is very interesting to listen to. Subjects are discussed in a way that treats facts realistically. Precisely for people who like to hear a brainstorm from various perspectives. Where they study and candidly analyze futuristic innovations.   Therefore, we highly recommend this podcast, about technology. Above all, understand the reality that affects us, based on the evolution of technology. Of course, it is without a doubt a step forward compared to its competitors.

7. UX Movement

According to the UX Movement Podcast:  “it’s a discussion about the state of the UX research discipline.” Super innovative and engaging. With unique ideas and values ​​for people interested in the technological niche. They are in the area of ​​design and user experience. Including the way in which knowledge is passed on, technical and with many concepts. Above all, they make you make the idea and your objectives regarding the themes explicit. In the meantime, you will find renowned product, design, and UI/UX managers with authority on the topic. They are also sponsored by BMG bank, in their interviews and some events. That is, it holds great authority in disruptive and constructive matters. In conclusion, it is a complete podcast. In this hiatus, complete and with a unique structure, and with very interesting subjects in the area.

8. FM2S Education and Consulting

Finally, for those of you who know how important it is to gain knowledge. How to also specialize in the face of so many new technologies and methodologies. Therefore, we present our podcast FM2S Educação e Consultoria. The way organizations act and execute is addressed. In other words, across multiple sectors. In summary, being commented on, in the sector: Operational, organizational, careers, improvements, and qualifications. Furthermore, we have as Head presenters and both CEOs of FM2S, Murilo Ferreira Marques dos Santos and  Virgílio Ferreira Marques dos Santos. In short, with insights and frank conversations. Consequently full of knowledge and improvement techniques. Also available on Youtube.

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