Dental Care : 5 tips everyone can have

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Dental Care Tips.

Dental Care 5 tips for everyone.

Do you want to take care of your oral health and don’t know how? Do you want to prevent as many dental problems as possible and have healthy teeth and gums? Yes, it is possible and very easy to do. Maintaining your oral health depends on basic and simple care. You can save a lot on trips to the dentist just by taking precautions at home. Were you curious? So read below 5 daily dental care that everyone can have.

5 tips for Dental care:

1. Always brush your teeth after eating

Brushing your teeth is a very important task, and it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. The idea is to perform dental cleaning right after meals, but if this is not possible, perform at least 3 brushes a day.

The most critical times are in the morning, after waking up, and at night, before going to sleep. In the morning your mouth is full of microorganisms, saliva, and food that has been in contact with your teeth all night.

Before going to bed, brushing is essential, as everything in your mouth will have time to deteriorate and undergo transformations. This is what most often leads to oral problems.

Have you ever woken up with a sticky film on your teeth? It’s called bacterial plaque — a set of food residues, saliva, and bacteria — and is responsible for bad breath, in addition to favoring the emergence of cavities and tartar. That is, if you eliminate it, you will avoid the appearance of these oral diseases. This is one of the best dental care tips that everyone can easily follow

2. Floss daily

At least once a day, floss, and if you have to choose a time, make it at night. The thread manages to clean the space between one tooth and another – a place that is difficult to access through brushing.

This interdental space is the focus of the accumulation of microorganisms and food, major formers of bacterial plaque. Therefore, he must be sanitized, as well as the teeth themselves.

3. Avoid foods with a lot of sugar

Sugar is the preferred food for the bacteria that cause cavities. From it, they produce an acid that erodes the tooth enamel, leading to its destruction and the formation of cavities.

Limiting the intake of this type of food and sanitizing the oral cavity soon after consumption is ways to take care of your mouth and prevent the appearance of dental problems. Remember: a healthy and balanced diet helps in all aspects of your health.

4. Use products with fluoride for better Dental Care

Fluoride strengthens the enamel and acts in the remineralization of the tooth. This means that by using fluoride products you prevent the dental elements from being damaged and even help the tooth to recover the lost enamel.

Remember that fluoride does not work miracles, that is, it will not rebuild your already deteriorated tooth, but it will help in the remineralization of parts that are close to being lost. And more: it is an essential product for children’s oral health.

5. Opt for a soft bristle brush

Choosing your brush is very important. Hard bristle brushes can erode your teeth, hurt your gums and even cause them to recede, which can lead to tooth sensitivity.

The soft bristles, on the other hand, massage the gums, remove impurities and food remains, do not harm the teeth, and even stimulate the blood flow around them. But attention! Don’t forget to change the brush every 3 months or so.

Did you see how easy it is to take care of your oral health? It’s simple to care that won’t take much time out of your day and can still save you a lot of money on trips to the dentist. These were the 5 dental care tips that everyone can follow.

Along with these tips we recommend you also check on your dentist.

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