Discover 10 trending technology careers

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Discover 10 trending technology careers

The scenario of economic instability makes the search for a job, especially for younger people, a difficult task. On the other hand, some sectors provide good job opportunities, such as the trending technology area.

In this article, we will highlight 10 segments with the potential to open up vacancies in technology careers. Check out!

1. Information Security

Information is increasingly important in the corporate world. Data theft or leakage can cause irreversible financial and image damage to an organization.

Therefore, it is essential to have cutting-edge human and technological resources to guarantee high-level information security. This situation has become even more evident because of the digital transformation, which intensified with the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

2. Data Science


A large flow of data is available on the internet and knowing how to use and interpret it has become crucial for companies. As a result,  data science is one of the most promising technology careers at the moment.

This professional is responsible for gathering data and analyzing it through different processes, allowing companies to understand market and consumer trends, which facilitates decision-making. Data scientists are very important for e-commerce companies, financial institutions, and research institutes.

3. Network Architecture

These professionals create network structures, such as organizational intranets and expansive cloud infrastructures. Furthermore, they are responsible for maintenance and monitoring trends that can be applied to computer networks and data communication.

Preparing budgets and implementing network systems are other activities carried out by these professionals, which are very important in large companies.

4. Computing

Those who graduate in Computer Science or Engineering can work in various areas, such as network maintenance and implementation, data security, product development, systems analysis, etc.

To achieve success in the area, it is essential to have a strong knowledge base, prioritize professional updating, and be aware of the demands of organizations to deliver services above expectations.

5. Software Engineering

Software engineering focuses on meeting the growing demands for process automation generated by the greater presence of companies in the digital world.

Software engineers are one of the most promising technology careers today. They have the responsibility for designing the development of programs, applications, and systems. Managing databases and maintaining systems are other duties that can be performed by these professionals.

6. IT Management

In addition to managing hardware and software, the IT manager aims to optimize processes and other procedures related to the area. Therefore, it is one of the technology careers with the most activities to be carried out.

It is possible to act on the formation of rules for the correct use of systems, control operating system services, and company databases, in addition to managing human resources linked to the IT sector.

7. Digital Games

The training of this professional requires strategic knowledge of games and graphic creation, in addition to Mathematics and Physics. Professionals in this field can develop games for computers, cell phones, tablets, and video game consoles.

Those who want to work in this career need to have a lot of creativity to create plots, worlds, and details that leave teenagers and young people literally fascinated.

8. Web Programmer

The programmer is responsible for creating and developing websites, portals, forums, blogs, and other platforms, both for computers and mobile devices.

It is this professional’s job to create responsive website interfaces for systems such as Windows, Linux, and MAC. To perform these actions, knowledge of programming languages ​​and tools is required, such as Java, PHP, and NET, as well as SQL, HTML, and CSS.

9. Robotics

In addition to being one of the best-known technology careers, robotics opens up several possibilities, such as being an architect and solutions coordinator. The professional in the area also helps programmers to execute and develop projects.

10. Mobile Developer

Applications are an important part of our daily lives, and mobile development professionals are responsible for creating apps.

The mobile developer needs to be aware of users’ needs and experiences, as many companies use applications to improve communication with customers.

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