Do you have a profile on Facebook and Instagram?

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Do you have a profile on Facebook and Instagram

Do you have a profile on Facebook and Instagram? Be very careful

There are many Pakistani people who have profiles on the most diverse social networks. Like on other platforms, you guarantee security through a username and password. If you have a profile on Facebook and Instagram, be very careful! Know what’s happening.

Cybercrime Report

According to a cybercrime alert from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, a large number of cases of misappropriation of access credentials to accounts, especially social networks (in particular Social Media), have recently been reported to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Criminal agents manage to obtain access codes (passwords) for a given account. Which they then change, thus preventing its legitimate owner from using it.

Cybercrime Report Roznama Pakistan

Facebook and Instagram: Attackers pretend to be legitimate account holders

According to the communication, the attackers, pretending to be the legitimate holders of the account in question, ask the platform to provide them with a new password, claiming that they have forgotten it. In this type of situation, the different platforms usually send authentication codes to the cell phone associated with the account, belonging to its owner.

Social Media Accounts

To circumvent this mechanism, in parallel, criminal agents send the account owner an email message or WhatsApp. Which pretends to originate from the support service, or the Facebook or Instagram security service.

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