Hair loss : Replace these 6 foods

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Hair loss avoid these foods.

If you are concerned about hair health, you will likely be interested in learning about these forbidden foods to prevent hair loss. Hair health must be taken care of. Although several genetic factors influence hair loss, a good diet can prevent those caused by the environment, or lack of care for it, as well as generally promote beautiful hair. But, what are the forbidden foods for hair loss? Below we will analyze the most relevant ones since science currently has many investigations open on this matter.

The Top 6: Prohibited foods for hair loss

The foods that are advised against for preventing hair loss do not significantly differ from those recommended by nutritionists and GPs to limit or eliminate in order to maintain a healthy diet. Here is the list of the 10 that should enter your reduction priorities starting today:

1. Sugar

The current diet includes too high a dose of sugar and this is not healthy at all. Eliminating all the additives in preparations -especially drinks- is a good way to start reducing your intake considerably.
It is important to note that stress makes it difficult to control and can lead to a reduction in essential vitamins B and E, which are necessary for strong hair. This reduction can ultimately affect hair loss.

2. Sausages

Unless opting for low-fat or healthy-fat options. It is recommended to drastically reduce the consumption of sausages in one’s diet due to the way they are typically prepared. Excessive consumption of these components can negatively impact hair health. As they can increase the level of testosterone, a male hormone that can affect hair regeneration. Remember that a very high intake of fats can contribute to having oily hair that can lead to hair loss and that can also be negative.

3. Salt and hair loss

The problem of salt and cardiovascular diseases is not a new issue. However, you should know that an excess of this ingredient also has a harmful influence on hair health. On the one hand, it generates a certain tendency to dry out the hair. On the other, prolonged excesses can weaken it.

4. Processed foods high in fat

In general, any healthy diet should exclude processed foods. The high levels of salt, sugar, and fat present in these products position them as detrimental to hair health in various ways, with no associated benefits.

5. Booze

It is not food, nor is it healthy. However, we have added it to this list of prohibited foods for hair loss due to the high impact it produces. Especially since excess alcohol influences the way the body assimilates zinc, this being an essential mineral for hair growth.

6. Fish with high mercury index

Large fish usually have high concentrations of mercury in some cases. However, we have left this forbidden food for hair loss for last. Because it is the one that would affect it the least. You would have to eat large amounts of this product for it to produce a negative effect.

As you can see, the proposals for prohibited foods for hair loss are nothing more than a reiteration of how to promote a healthy diet that also contributes to an improvement in overall health.

How to replace prohibited foods for hair loss with healthier ones?

The fact that the Mediterranean diet, as well as the Atlantic diet, are regarded as the healthiest choices for sustaining a long-lasting lifestyle is widely recognized. Therefore, individuals should aim to make changes in their diet by recovering past habits and incorporating local, fresh, and seasonal foods into their daily menus. Here are some product ideas that can aid in improving hair health and strengthen them:


It is essential to bet on seasonal ones, and on those that contain high doses of vitamins. For example, broccoli.

Fruits for hair loss deduction

The fresher, the better. As in the previous section, antioxidant fruits with a high content of vitamins are the most recommended. For example, kiwis and citrus.


They have gained popularity for their reputation as vegetable proteins. However, in the case at hand, their folic acid content makes them especially recommended. If you want to have a diet that promotes hair growth.

Nuts help decrease hair loss

They are the healthiest natural snack. And their contribution of zinc and fatty acids makes them an ally in maintaining hair health.

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