How to stop smoking a practical guide

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A practical guide to quit smoking.

How to stop smoking? And what do you get by quitting smoking?

Smokers become dependent on nicotine. Considered a truly important drug, nicotine acts on the central nervous system like cocaine, with one difference it reaches the brain in just 7 seconds – 2 to 4 seconds hastily than cocaine. It’s normal, therefore, that, when you stop smoking, the first days without cigarettes are the most delicate, but the difficulties will be less each day.

Statistics reveal that smokers compared to non-smokers have the trouble of:

  • Lung cancer chances increase by 10 times.
  • Heart attack chances increase by 5 times.
  • 5 times more likely to suffer from habitual bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema.
  • Chances of suffering a stroke.

If you stop smoking now:

  • After 20 beats your blood pressure and pulsation rate return to normal.
  • After 2 hours you have no further nicotine in your blood.
  • After 8 hours the position of oxygen in the blood normalizes.
  • After 2 days your sense of smell perceives smells better and your taste kiddies taste better food.
  • After 3 weeks breathing becomes easier and gyration improves.
  • After 5 to 10 times the trouble of suffering a heart attack will be equal to that of someone who has no way smoked.

How to stop smoking (do not be hysterical):

Retirement symptoms The body functions generally again without the presence of toxic substances and some smokers may present( varies from smoker to smoker) retirement symptoms analogous to craving( violent desire to bomb) headache, dizziness, irritability, sleep disturbance, cough, stomach upset, and others. These symptoms, when manifested, last from 1 to 2 weeks.

From relapse, Re is not a failure. Start each over again and try to be more alive of what made you start smoking again. Give yourself several chances. Until you succeed. Utmost smokers who quit smoking made a normal of 3 to 4 attempts before quitting for good.

Gaining weight if your hunger increases, don’t be alarmed, a weight gain of over 2 kg is normal, as your taste kiddies meliorate and your metabolism returns to normal. In any case, try not to eat further than usual. Avoid sweets and adipose foods. A balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and low-calorie food. Prefer diet/ light and natural products. Always drink a cornucopia of fluids, rather water and natural authority. Avoid coffee and alcoholic beverages. They can be an engagement to the bank.

The most important thing is to choose a date to be your first bank-free day. This day need not be a day of suffering. Make it a special occasion and try to record commodities you like to do to distract yourself and relax.

Choose a system to quit smoking:


How to stop smoking (Immediate Stop):


You set a date and on that day you will not bomb any further cigarettes. Make it your first priority.

Gradual Stop

This system can be used in two ways:

Reducing the number of cigarettes. For illustration, a smoker of 30 cigarettes a day smokes the usual 30 cigarettes on the first day.

  • On the alternate – 25.
  • On the third – 20.
  • On the fourth – 15.
  • On the fifth – 10.
  • On the sixth – 5.

The seventh day would be the quit date and the first day without cigarettes.

Delaying the time of the first cigarette. For illustration, on the first day, you start smoking at 9 am.

  • On the alternate at 11 am.
  • On the third at 1 pm, on the fourth at 3 pm.
  • On the fifth at 5 pm.
  • On the sixth at 7 pm.

The seventh day would be the date to stop smoking and the first day without cigarettes.

Guard of traps:

In times of stress Try to calm down and understand that delicate times will always do and smoking will not break your problems.

Feeling the appetite for the bank does not last further than numerous beats. In these moments, to help, you can stink ice, brush your teeth all the time, drink cold water or eat a fruit. Keep your hands busy with a rubber band, or piece of paper, scribble commodity or handle small objects. Don’t sit still- talk to a friend, do commodity different to distract your attention.

Relaxation exercises are a great health resource for relaxation. Take a deep breath through your nose and count to 6, also slowly let the air out through your mouth until your lungs are completely empty. Muscle Relaxation Stretch your arms and legs until you feel your muscles relax.
Cover yourself. After quitting smoking, a single drag can set you off on a relapse. Avoid the first cigarette and you’ll be avoiding all the others! Along with that, it is also recommended to do meditation check our article below for tips to start meditation.

Meditation: 5 Tips for beginners


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