Natural remedies for gastric problems

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In the summer season, when we go on a diet, on many occasions we realize that our digestive system does not work as it should and gastric problems appear. For what is this? Why the rest of the year cannot bother so much and it does when it seems that we eat better?

Gastric problems when you alter the diet

Many times naturopaths are asked why when someone is on a diet it seems that their stomach is worse than when they are not and also their mood changes. It is as if the diet does not feel good despite being doing it correctly.

Weight loss diets must be preceded by a cleansing process. In this way, the toxins that have been accumulating can be expelled from the body before beginning the change in eating habits.

In this sense, although new toxins will not be introduced into the body. The body will tend to mobilize existing ones. In addition, if it is not easy for you to get out. They will cause various discomforts, among which we can find: mood swings, muscle aches, tiredness, nervous disorders, and excessive sweating (obviously increased by the summer heat). And even difficulty in mental concentration.

We will focus in this article on the stomach, both in its functions and its main problems.

Stomach functions

The main one is the distribution of nutrients. Food passes from the mouth to the esophagus and from it to the stomach. It is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, therefore its activity is involuntary.
The parasympathetic nervous system is essential since for digestion to be carried out correctly, we must be in a state of tranquility.
We have all verified on some occasions that in a state of nerves or alertness the stomach does not work properly and we can “cut off our digestion”. This is because at those moments the sympathetic nervous system takes control, slowing down the digestive processes to direct all our energy to the “fight” in the face of an alert process.

Gastric and digestion problems

Digestive problems produce symptoms such as gas, heaviness, inflammation, and discomfort in the epigastrium. It is what is medically called dyspepsia. If this alteration is maintained over time, the structure is altered and we go one step further. Likewise, the mucosa becomes inflamed and can lead to so-called gastritis. But if this also continues, the mucosa deteriorates and gives rise to wounds that are well-known ulcers. We could say that there are three steps to the same problem.

The sources of stomach problems can be of various kinds, but the most important are the wrong diet, altered nervous states, and liver problems.

On many occasions, before noticing that the problem is in the stomach, our body alerts us. It warns us of different symptoms that we sometimes take as isolated events. But if they are repeated they can indicate that something is not working well. It is usually frontal headaches, pain that goes from the ear to the nose, lips, or chin (trigeminal nerve), diarrhea or constipation, gas, and groin pain. Also, discomfort in the upper outer part of the knee and on the instep, erosions in the oral mucosa, and itchy eyes.

These symptoms are not always caused by a malfunction of the stomach, but several occur at the same time. It is convenient for a professional to evaluate it because In this way a greater evil can be avoided.
If the stomach is directly affected, we will already notice much more obvious symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, regurgitation, heartburn, etc.

In the same way, worries and obsessions can cause gastric problems due to the aforementioned. Poor chewing and high consumption of alcohol, fat, tobacco, coffee, or spicy foods will harm our stomachs.

If gastric problems are mild

We can find hyperacidity or hyperchlorhydria (excess hydrochloric acid) that can be alleviated with medicinal plants such as Melisa, Marjoram, or Chamomile, being able to take them either before or after food. Orthomolecular medicine has products such as vitamin U (present in cabbage and potatoes), Pantothenic Acid, and Citrates.

If, on the other hand, we have hypoacidity or hypochlorhydria (hydrochloric acid deficiency). We can count on plants such as Roman Chamomile, Centaura, or Angelica, which are recommended to be taken before meals.

Gastric problems are means

If we enter into an inflammation of the mucosa, we also have the two previous possibilities. Likewise, it must be taken into account that the diet must be stricter and the times for taking plants must be longer.

If gastric problems are severe

In this case, we would enter into a destruction of the gastric mucosa. Stress and psychological tension must always be evaluated without forgetting the negative incidence of some medications. Such as Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), food intolerances, intestinal dysbiosis, and heavy metals.

In phytotherapy, we have Licorice as the main plant, although caution must be taken in cases of hypertension, chamomile, Calendula, Yarrow, Mallow, Marshmallow, Dragon’s Blood, and Aloe Vera. Also, in this case, the contribution of vitamin U is important since it regenerates the gastric mucosa. Another would be vitamin A to heal mucous membranes along with E, and B6 (especially in stressed people). And L-Glutamine which also regenerates the digestive mucosa.

In the diet, the inclusion of cereals such as millet, barley, and rice. Vegetables such as boiled or mashed potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and alfalfa sprouts, and fruits such as apples can help us.


We must not forget that the stomach is one of the organs which we somatize more easily. That is, it is one of the first to suffer our emotions.

For this reason, and because it is one of the easiest to control through diet, we must not let it get to more, since the contribution of medicinal plants or products would not be necessary if we balance it with the diet. As Hippocrates said, “let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”.

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