Seven High-Speed ​​VPN Benefits You May Not Know About

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Seven High-Speed ​​VPN Benefits You May Not Know About

We’ve made many posts about the security and privacy benefits of setting up a VPN on your computer, smartphone, or even your entire home network. But there are lesser-known benefits that come to the fore if your VPN is super-fast. Do you want to meet them? So let’s go!

1. Watch sports or TV shows from other countries

A situation familiar to many sports fans. Having moved abroad or simply gone on vacation, you discover, to your annoyance, that the games of your beloved football/football/baseball/cricket/rugby team are not broadcast on TV there. The same catastrophe hits fans of national TV shows that are not popular abroad. This problem can be solved if in your hometown it is possible to subscribe to digital broadcasts of the matches or programs you want to watch, but in other regions, they will probably be blocked.

However, VPN Secure Connection lets you watch the show because you paid for it, wherever you are. To do this, when traveling, select a VPN server in your home country and connect to it. This way, you will receive a “nativeIP address that will virtually teleport you home. You just need to ensure that your local Internet connection and VPN are compatible in terms of speed.

2. Avoid bandwidth throttling

On mobile networks, public places, and sometimes even home connections, providers limit the speed of communication, which is known as bandwidth throttling. You may notice this when visiting websites with videos or downloading large files: your Internet becomes much slower. This allows providers to save bandwidth and reduce the load on the network, but it also restricts your rights. Secure VPN Benefits Connection, which encrypts your traffic, ISPs, and other third parties cannot see exactly what you do online or which sites you visit, and therefore cannot throttle your bandwidth. However, if your provider slows down all activities for all subscribers ( general throttling ), there is no escape.

3. Play in your preferred region

The servers for many multiplayer games are distributed all over the world. When connecting from a certain region, you will play on the closest server. This is done to minimize lag for all players, unite players from the same time zone, and lessen the language barrier in-game chats. But this approach can also cause problems: for example, you may play at an “antisocial” time.

This means there will be few suitable game partners on the closest servers, or your team may have decided to use a very specific game server. Accessing the Internet through a VPN Secure Connection in the desired region guarantees a connection to the best server for your needs. Of course, VPN speed is key here to ensure little delay and fast data exchange, so slow VPNs and VPN protocols are a big problem for gamers. This is why we especially recommend them to use our VPN, recognized for high speed in independent tests.

4. Get around pricing policies (VPN Benefits)

In many stores and service organizations, the price of the same goods and services differs significantly from country to country due to variations in pricing policies or simply different sales plans. At the time of this post, Black Friday and Singles Day (11.11) are approaching, to name just a few shopping festivals. You can benefit from seasonal offers and save by connecting to a VPN server in the desired country and thus changing your IP address. Once this is done when logging into regional versions of online stores. You will see local promotions and take advantage of the best discounts.

To make the most of this, your VPN service should offer a wide range of servers in different countries. For example, our VPN has over 100 servers, including in exotic locations like Bangladesh, Liechtenstein, and Malaysia. With such a wide selection, finding the right server from the list can be difficult, which is why the latest version of VPN Secure Connection lets you add servers to a Favorites tab and quickly select what you need.

5. Buy with peace of mind

Public networks, whether it’s Wi-Fi at an airport, hotel, cafe, train, or bus, present a number of risks to your devices. These include third-party advertisements on websites; and collecting data from your online activities. The aforementioned slowness when watching videos; and the possible interception of payment information and passwords. It’s really annoying to pay for extra luggage or window seats on your cell phone, only to see unexpected charges on your account when you disembark, isn’t it?

On an encrypted VPN channel, none of this can happen. Cybercriminals, cafe owners, and nearby unscrupulous Wi-Fi providers cannot see or intercept your online activity.

What’s more, our VPN can be configured to automatically activate the VPN when connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi networks, and you can individually customize the VPN settings for each Wi-Fi hotspot saved on your device. This makes it easy to configure which Wi-Fi networks need VPN protection, keeping you always safe.

6. Open geo-blocked websites

For legal and security reasons, some sites choose to block connections from other countries. For example, many online stores are not accessible in countries to which they do not ship goods. This also applies to many municipal or government services provided online: access from abroad is not possible. If you need to use these sites, you will need to point your VPN to a server in the respective country.

7. Open websites despite blocking

The opposite scenario to geo-blocking is when you arrive in a country where, say, Google or Instagram are blocked. By connecting to a VPN server in another country, you can continue using your usual accounts and services.

Geoblocking often creates the hassle of having to constantly turn your VPN on and off to access certain websites or use certain apps. VPN Secure Connection is also useful here. When you configure rules for Smart Protection ( Android only ) and Split Tunneling ( Android, Windows, and macOS ) rules, you can forget about having to keep switching the VPN. It will automatically turn on for selected apps, websites, or categories of websites (such as payment systems, bank websites, or online stores) or ignore applications added to the exception list.

What makes VPN the fastest?

Gaming, watching videos, downloading large files, and even making conference calls require a lightning-fast VPN connection with minimal latency and high data transfer rates. In addition to a sufficiently fast Internet connection, this puzzle also requires three other pieces. A high-performance VPN server with a strong communication channel; a sufficiently powerful client (your phone, computer, or router); and an optimized communication protocol between these two parts.

To make our VPN the undisputed speed champion (it outperformed all six other VPNs in an independent test ), we use the fastest servers (10 Gbps) and connect to them via the most powerful protocols. Catapult Hydra and WireGuard. According to our internal tests. Catapult Hydra has connection speeds five to seven times faster than the common OpenVPN protocol and guarantees exceptional privacy protection without data leakage.

Where and how to use VPN?

You can install a VPN on your smartphone, computer, tablet, and sometimes even your TV or game console. Most routers also support a VPN connection. Giving you the benefits of a VPN across your entire home network at once. Which of these scenarios is better?

Whether traveling for leisure or business, setting up a VPN on your cell phone and laptop is a priority. If you like to play games or hunt for deals online, you’d better install a VPN on your Windows or Mac computer.

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