The 5 main technologies for protecting company data

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The 5 main technologies for protecting company data

In the era of Digital Transformation, new technologies emerge every day to protect company data. Companies that deal with a large volume of information understand the importance of protecting their information and adapting their business to the LGPD.

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Technologies for data protection

Data discovery

Data discovery is the stage of capturing these inputs from various sources:

Physical and cloud servers;

Desktops and notebooks;

Internal and external information silos.

Data mapping

Data mapping is the process of surveying an IT infrastructure, which includes exchanging information, identifying the relationship between data, discovering vulnerabilities in content protection, etc.


Cryptography is the application of complex mathematical formulas to protect information content. This way, only those who have the key can decrypt and read confidential data.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning or machine learning is a resource for using software algorithms that improve with experience. Thus, it is possible to identify threat patterns, perform predictive analysis, and much more.

big data

Big Data encompasses all data analysis processes captured in Data Discovery and Mapping. Therefore, the administrator can diagnose transactions and monitor each user’s behavior.

All of these technologies contribute to increasing security in the use of data, especially with regard to LGPD. And, as you can see, they complement each other.

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