The best technology blogs in 2021

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The best technology blogs in 2021

This way, the generation that breathes the best technology remains properly informed and connected. Therefore, it is essential to stay up to date with product news and trends in this vast technological world.

Technology Blogs

To find out about major technological issues, you need a good source of information.

New developments in the tech scene keep emerging! Therefore, knowledge about new trends helps you to always stay on top of everything that is new.

Therefore, we list here major technology blogs that are referenced on these subjects in Brazil.

Show Me Tech

In 2019, it was elected the best technology blog in Brazil by the TopBlog Brasil Award.

Therefore, they are responsible for many technological news and analyses about science, companies, games, and geek culture.


TecMundo is a platform that disseminates information about technology in general.

Offers tutorials and news about mobile devices, operating systems, software, and market updates.

In addition, TecMundo also offers coupons for products related to IT and technology in large stores, such as Amazon, Lojas Americanas, Dell, and Carrefour, among others.

Digital Look

Great influence within the blogging scene. Olhar Digital covers various topics about and its applications. It produces content on the web and also for TV.

In this way, the blog deals with relevant topics such as career, science, social networks, the automotive industry, business, health, cinema, programming, and cloud security.


Tecnoblog shares experiences and produces gadget reviews, news about devices, social networks, and the internet, with many valuable tips.

Finally, the site also produces a podcast about the impact of technology on our daily routine – Tecnocast.


iMasters is a multimedia news portal aimed at application developers. Offers content on:

  • Backend and front-end.
  • Design and user experiences.
  • APIs and microservices.
  • Internet of Things.
  • Networks, servers.
  • Security.

iOS and Android updates.

In addition, it has more than 450 professionals, publishing daily content focused on the web.


The DreamLabs blog’s main objective is to spread content to help entrepreneurs achieve success through innovation and business!

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