Top 7 Careers in Technology

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Top 7 Careers in Technology

It’s not news to anyone that careers in technology are in the spotlight and that this is likely to increase in the coming years.

Increase not only the demand for careers in technology but also the number of them. Many professions, according to research carried out, do not even exist yet.

In this list we will show the main careers in technology today, what are the main activities, and job markets.

Do you know any of these careers in technology?

Management Information Technology

An IT manager manages hardware and software, optimizing all processes related to the area, in different types of companies.

This professional has knowledge of programming languages, IT infrastructure and databases, project management, legislation, and industry trends.

Salaries vary greatly depending on the position held. UniDomBosco offers an undergraduate course in Information Technology Management, an excellent option for those looking to work in this area.

Web Developer

A web programmer is responsible for creating and developing websites, portals, blogs, and various other types of platforms. This professional has knowledge and command of the programming language and tools such as ASP, Java, PHP, NET, SQL, and HTML.

Mobile Developer

The area is focused on creating applications and thinking about users’ needs and experiences. The creation of apps has become increasingly common in various segments, meaning there are many opportunities for this professional.

It is necessary to know programming, systems modeling, software engineering, interface, and usability.

Data Science

It is one of the main careers in technology today, due to the large flow of data available on the internet and this professional has the ability to know how to use and interpret this data strategically.

This professional has knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, statistics, programming, and communication.

Digital games

The area is focused on creating electronic games for computers, cell phones, tablets, and video games.

The professional needs to have knowledge in graphic creation, mathematics, and physics, as well as a lot of creativity.

Network architecture

Within the area of ​​information technology, he is the one who follows trends to be applied in networks and data communication. This professional creates and maintains organizational intranet networks and expansive infrastructure in the cloud.

This professional needs to have good knowledge of systems.

Information security

With the increased use of data science, the need and concern for the security of this data grows.

In this market, the main demand is for architects, analysts, and data security specialists.

This professional has the skills to combat virtual threats, calculate breach risks, prevent and deal with hackers, and develop solutions to protect systems.

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