3 financial market trends

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3 financial market trends

Technology is increasingly present in the lives of the population and has brought more innovation to various sectors – including finance. In this article, you will learn more about new trends in the financial market and how Banco BS2 can help your company in the face of these technological revolutions. Read more below and enjoy reading!

Open Banking: opens doors to technological trends

Open banking, a system for sharing personal banking data based on rules on the use and sharing of this information, began in Brazil in four stages – the first came into force on February 1st of last year and the last, on December 15th.

This modality was developed by the Central Bank after the success of the first year of PIX, which gave the institution more confidence in putting open banking into practice – responsible for Brazil in the global ranking of countries that implemented the financial service. It is 4th among the 12 nations in the classification.

As stated above, technology has increasingly become part of the routine – for users and financial institutions. With the introduction of open banking as a financial service by the Central Bank. A new technology began, which is one of the trends highlighted by our team of experts as a highlight of the sector: open finance.

  • Open Finance

The modality originates with the fourth stage of the installation of open banking. Therefore, is an integral part of this financial service. In its digital ecosystem. Open finance differentiates itself from its original system by comprising different financial institutions on a single platform. With this service, it is possible to standardize the data-sharing process between users and banks so that it can also be used by other companies – such as insurance brokers, pension funds, and investment platforms, among others.

  • Fintechization of business

Fintechs are companies that generate innovation, located especially in the financial market, which intensively use technology to create new business models. According to Distrito’s Fintech Report 2022, the fintech market only tends to grow – in less than 10 years, the number of businesses in this niche has quadrupled.

The report, which analyzed more than 1,200 Brazilian fintechs. also indicates that this group received more than US$1 billion in investments in the first quarter of this year alone. The business fintechization process made it possible to open up a range of financial solutions for companies with the guarantee of bringing together diverse businesses from different segments.

By offering new products and services that meet the reality of the market and customers, the creative company stands out in the competitive scenario that seeks to offer an increasingly personalized, welcoming, and humanized service in the midst of technological activities – which helps, also, in your financial revenue.

Digital Cash Management for your business

Our team of experts indicates that we are living in the Open Banking Era and that technological evolution in the financial sector will not stop – and nor should it. Given the improvements, they have brought to the market. Given this scenario, Digital Cash Management also stands out. Which combines integration and automation to ensure the optimization of your cash management.

With this technology to your company’s advantage. It is easy to guarantee agility, security, robustness, and stability to control and handle large volumes of operations to achieve new goals – such as expansion or transforming your company into an exporter, for example.

Ideal digital solutions for your brand

We are the ideal partner to follow each step of your business’s evolution process – from its beginning to its expansion, and beyond. Discover our solutions using Digital Cash Management technology :


This dynamic modality has amounts posted directly to your company’s bank account in real-time. In addition, it provides agility in billing and payment processes to third parties. Issuance of PIX with static QR Code – to receive amounts from customers –, and 100% online payment programming with transfer to PIX of registered customers. And billing via PIX with QR Code generated – even with due dates, fines, interest, and discounts.

  • Boletos API

It allows online issuance in real time and gives access to the possibilities of managing inclusion. Cancellation, and printing invoices, consulting the list of documents by the filter. Changing the due date, consulting available places, paying invoices, and managing the webhook with status changes.

  • Current Account API

This solution integrates your company’s system with the bank account with the aim of reconciling automated flows and managing cash. All of this with monitoring of financial stages in real-time. With the possibility of checking balances, statements, and barcodes. And making payments on titles and concessionaires. transferring amounts between accounts at the same bank carrying out TEDs to other bank branches, and webhooks of transactions carried out in the account – all steps available at any time.

BS2 solutions are ready to help boost your business

With BS2’s Digital Cash Management, your financial management can be carried out in a secure online environment. With automated flows and real-time updates. Furthermore, your company can have access to an ecosystem of intelligent solutions. Discover now the digital solutions that only Banco BS2 can offer – under the best conditions – for your company.

Other special solutions from Banco BS2

Banco BS2 provides a digital investment platform. With access to specialized financial solutions based on the reality of your company and the possibility of opening two accounts that will help your business’s financial revenue: the PJ Digital Account – with no monthly fees – and the International Dollar Account – which offers a virtual international debit card for online purchases and payments, among other benefits.

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