5 interesting facts about rafting

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5 interesting facts about rafting

Rafting attracts many people who love adrenaline and contact with nature. In this adventure sport, the practitioner descends rapids aboard an inflatable boat, with oars and safety equipment and under the guidance of a qualified driver. How about finding out more interesting facts about rafting? Check out:

According to the International Rafting Federation (IRF). “The inherent risk and need for teamwork (which involves rafting) improves social skills and encourages physical and mental health.” When practicing rafting, it is very important to prioritize the group and this can be a great exercise for those who live in a society as individualistic as the current one.

Although you do not need any prior experience to practice this sport. Before boarding the rafting boat, training is undergone by the practitioner to understand. How to behave during the journey for their own safety and to become familiar with some signs that are used by the driver. In Brazil, commercial rafting follows rules from the Ministry of Tourism and only registered tourism agencies. Qualified drivers, can offer the service.

The requirements for rafting drivers.

From ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards). Among the necessary characteristics of the professional is being able to use the equipment. Evaluate the river conditions, and plan the descent. And provide guidance and practical training for practitioners.

For rafting, the rapids are classified according to the degree of difficulty. The International Rafting Federation uses a standard system worldwide with 6 classes: easy, moderate, difficult, very difficult, extremely difficult, and extreme.

In Brazil.

A company initiated the practice of rafting by descending the Paraibuna and Paraibuna do Sul rivers in Três Rios, Rio de Janeiro, in the early 1980s. From the 1990s onwards, agencies began to appear that offered adventure sports throughout the country.

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