House of the Dragon: all Game of Thrones references in the series

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House of the Dragon: all Game of Thrones references in the series.

The long-awaited series House of the Dragon, prequel to Game of Thrones, premiered last night (22). As expected, the HBO production follows the same tone shown in the original series, which aroused nostalgia in many fans.

Already expecting the public’s nostalgic reaction, the House of the Dragon writers left some references to Game of Thrones throughout the premiere episode. Check out the main Easter eggs below:

6. Dracarys

The clearest reference to the original series came when Princess Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock) says “Dracarys” to guide her dragon during her brother and mother’s funeral ceremony. The scene recalls one of Daenerys’ most famous moments.

5. Ancestors

Despite focusing on the Targaryens, the series features ancestors from other houses, such as Baratheon and the Starks. In the plot, the houses are represented by Boremund Baratheon and Rickon Stark.

4. Closing song

To increase fans’ nostalgia, the pilot of House of the Dragon ended with the famous Game of Thrones opening credits soundtrack.

3. Golden robes

The first episode of House of the Dragon shows how the King’s Landing City Watch, with soldiers known as the Goldilocks, was created. In the spin-off, we see that the initiative came from Prince Daemon (Matt Smith) with the aim of guaranteeing the security of the Seven Kingdoms.

2. Aegon’s Dream

During the episode, King Viserys I tells his daughter Rhaenyra how Aegon the Conqueror managed to conquer Westeros. According to him, the Targaryen had a dream in which he ‘predicted‘ the end of the world – which would begin with a ‘terrible winter‘.

Furthermore, the Conqueror named the dream A Song of Ice and Fire, the same title as the book saga that inspires the series.

1. Catspaw Dagger

One of the items that Viserys carries with him throughout the episode is a Valyrian steel dagger. The weapon is the same one used by Arya Stark to kill the Night King centuries later.

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