Discover 7 of the Most Popular Indoor Sports in the World

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Discover 7 of the Most Popular Indoor Sports in the World

Almost everyone in the world knows the benefits that sports can bring to our lives. But a large portion of this amount always finds that extra difficulty to justify the greater strength of the sedentary lifestyle that lives within us and continues in its state of rest. 7 of the Most Popular Indoor Sports in the World

A recurring point mentioned by so many is that going to the gym to do a workout alone is one of the most boring tasks imaginable. Therefore, practicing sports in groups becomes a greater attraction for people with this profile.

With this perception. We are already adjusting to a more pleasurable path to practicing sports, however, external factors or adverse weather conditions can still help those less willing to stay inside their cocoons.

We therefore need company and a minimally controlled environment so that sports can be carried out with pleasure, comfort, and safety. Putting all these conditions together, we arrive at indoor sports. And could you list 7 options that meet all the requirements to put an end to excuses?

If you don’t know, that’s okay, we’ve prepared these options and some product tips for beginners here.


The famous ball to the basket opens our list. Already helping a little those who have a large physique and good aim. Because of the height of the basket, shorter players will always be further away from the goal of the game and will have greater difficulty. However, due to the agility that a smaller body generally has more than a larger body, they can work very well setting up plays so that the big guys can finish.

At the beginning of playing basketball, to master some of its fundamentals and a few moves, you will need sneakers, a ball, and a backboard and all of these items can be found on our website, just by clicking on the words.


Another of the most popular team sports in the world, volleyball is a great success in Brazil, due to the number of players and the success that our country’s professional players have achieved in the history of the sport.

World and Olympic titles, collective or individual records, make many Brazilians look at sport with affection. Furthermore, he does not have physical contact. Which reduces the chances of injuries, but can still appear in falls and big shots.

To start your volleyball training, it’s a good idea to choose shoes that help with landings and don’t slip, along with protectors for your knees, arms, and elbows. a ball, and if you already have some friends together. Having a net already makes it possible to play a few games.


For some, seen simply as “football with your hands”. Handball is widely practiced in Brazilian schools and physical education classes as it brings together a lot of muscular explosions and coordination of movements.

Many people may not know, but handball was born in Germany and became popular among Brazilians. Greatly improving our athletes who are now doing well in international competitions.

Your training can initially be done on football courts for the first movements, but we can find multi-sports courts with the right dimensions for the game. This is another modality that makes all the difference in having a correct model of tennis for your practice. Along with your specific ball when you get past the initial phase there is a kind of glue that players use on their hands to help control the ball.


The most popular sport on the entire planet could not be missing from our list! Football can be played on synthetic grass fields and courts, on the famous Society. Or some other types of flooring for Futsal practice courts, the most democratic version of all.

In Brazil, it is common to see many children playing with balls made from socks, ribbons, or paper. With markings scratched on the floor and improvised beams. But more and more city halls across the country have been building courts so that the sport can capture the attention of children and take them away from bad paths.

Each variation has its own ball and cleats and we will indicate here the options for Futsal and its cleats and balls. With this in mind. It won’t be difficult to find interested parties to form the two teams and play some matches there. This is the sport that requires the fewest participants to take place.


Another sport that became popular in Brazilian schools and democratized much more than its field version, table tennis is a cheaper and easier option to practice.

The speed of the game is incomparable to the aspect played on the fields. Be it grass, clay, or hard ground, which requires a certain physical preparation and a lot of reflexes to follow the ball during the dispute.

Here, footwear is not a key figure in the equipment, with a racket and ball as the main items. Afterward, a table and net will be necessary to play a game. With just one more participant, can result in hours of fun and movement.


Here is a sport that for very few people could be seen as an indoor sport. But which, to the surprise of many, is officially seen as such.

Although the difficulty in finding a place to practice it is perhaps the highest of all sports so far, after all, we don’t see a well-maintained swimming pool anywhere. Swimming is the fourth most practiced sport in Brazil. Second only to football, volleyball, and table tennis, respectively, the first three.

After finding a pool with up-to-date maintenance for your practice without risk to your health, you will need specific clothing. Depending on their level and evolution, boards, buoys, glasses, and other accessories will help with their development.

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