Discover the main categories of motorsport

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Discover the main categories of motorsport

Formula 1 is certainly the best-known representative of the sport involving automobiles, as defined by the dictionary, but it is not the only one. The main categories of motorsport

Main motorsport categories divide according to the characteristics of the cars used for competitions, including Stock Car, Formula E, and Formula Indy, among others.

According to the Statute of the CBA (Brazilian Automobile Confederation), the “basic automobile sports” are racing, rally, kart, and off-road. Drag racing, autocross, drift, record, and track day. According to the Motorsport Sports Code, “within each modality.

Specific regulations define the characteristics based on which vehicles will be grouped into categories, and each category may be subdivided into classes determined by engine capacity or other distinguishing criteria.

Considered the most prestigious category in motorsport.

They created Formula 1 in 1950 to unify the different car races that existed in Europe at the time.

Everything that is most innovative in the automobile industry is in F1. According to the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation), the goal is, by the 2025/2026 season, to start using 100% renewable fuels. “Remaining faithful to the culture of innovation. While, at the same time. Preserving the ability to emote that has been at the heart of the sport since its earliest days.”

Another that has become one of the main categories in motorsport, despite its recent creation, is Formula E. Started in 2014, the category aims to promote sustainable mobility and help in the development of electric vehicle technology.

The Brazilian Stock Car, racing since 1979, took inspiration from the American Nascar.

Initially, the partner manufacturer was General Motors, and they allowed cars from other brands only from 2003 onwards.

Until 2000, the competition used adapted passenger cars.

Formula Indy, whose official name is the IndyCar Series, had its origins in the traditional Indianapolis 500, contested since the beginning of the 20th century.

The category was created in 1996, and initially, it was only contested on oval circuits.

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