Discover the Ultimate Tazer Ball

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Discover the Ultimate Tazer Ball

Have you ever imagined using electroshock weapons to prevent the opposing team from advancing across the field and scoring a point by hitting a giant ball inside the goalpost? It sounds like a horror movie story, but the Ultimate Tazer Ball really existed. sports

The sport was invented in 2011, in California, in the United States, by a group of friends who wanted a high-tech extreme sport. Ultimate Tazer Ball was played on a rectangular field. With 4 players on each side, all with an electroshock weapon in hand. Only the player with the ball could be hit by the weapon, and even then, never in the groin or shoulder.

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The Ultimate Tazer Ball league was initially made up of 4 teams: Philadelphia Killawatts, San Diego Spartans, Los Angeles Nightlight, and Toronto Terror.

Traditional tasers deliver shocks of 50,000 volts with low intensity, of a maximum of 5 milliamps. Which are enough to cause temporary paralysis in the muscles. For tazer ball practice, electroshock weapons were regulated to cause less impact. With the shock, the player just dropped the ball or fell to the ground himself.

One of the arguments made by the sport’s players for fun was that the weapons would serve to balance the players on the field. So, it didn’t matter if the person was faster or stronger. Everyone had the same result in the face of shocks.

When it was created, the sport was presented as “the future of extreme sports”. However, it seems that fans of the sport were not convinced to continue practicing it for a long time. On the official UTB page on Facebook, for example. The last update is from 2020 and the world press has not talked about the subject for some time.

Would you have the courage to try such a painful modality?

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