Do you know the right boot for society football?

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Do you know the right boot for society football

Since the 1960s, a new form of football has spread across the planet. On a field that was larger than a Futsal court and smaller than a grass field that we see in games on TV. Do you know what kind of football this is? sports

If you answered Futebol Society, you were right. The game features 7 players for each team, on a field that varies in width between 25 and 35 meters. And its length is between 45 and 55 meters. And is most often made up of synthetic grass. There is also a specific rule for this modality. Which is the use of an upper protection net, at least 10 meters high, “covering” the field.

Some Portuguese-speaking countries write Futebol Society as Soçaite. However, it is also well known around the world as 7-a-side football. In fact. The Gaúcha Football Sete Federation was the first to found the sport in Brazil. The name “Sete” was given because the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service did not permit the registration of a sports entity with a name in another language. The federation officially became Futebol Sete, following official rules, but requested the Revenue to use the trade name “society,” thus making it official and registered.

So it’s not wrong to say seven-a-side football, Society, or Soçaite here in Brazil. What is wrong is using Futsal boots to practice the sport. This can create a big problem for the athlete.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, Football Society fields consist of artificial grass, using a type of black rubber to level and adjust the field’s damping level. That’s where the danger lies!

The black rubber bands are very small and move according to the players’ steps. When playing with a Futsal boot, the smooth sole creates very low friction on the rubber surface, making stopping a complicated task. This can lead to injuries for the player, particularly when overstretching their legs or in encounters with opponents. For not being able to avoid an impact between them, for example.

Similarly, one should not use cleats without cleats.

They do not recommend using models designed for the pitch. As they have higher cleats, designed to achieve greater traction on natural grasses with an earthy base, the players’ movements are once again hampered. On synthetic-based artificial pitches, there is no space for the cleats to penetrate. Which again impairs players’ stability and traction and can cause unexpected accidents and injuries.

The right thing to do then is to use models designed especially for society football, with low cleats, smaller geometry, and a much larger quantity. This can make movements on synthetic grass and black rubber as safe as possible. Making it so that the player uses all his attention only for the plays and not for staying standing or without slipping.

Within our options, we range from models that cost less than R$50.00, such as the Kappa Torpedo :

or even the more expensive models. These are very close to the models used by professional players of the famous 11-a-side football. Such as the classic and famous Mizuno Morelia :

Models in many colors or black, with laces or without. You can easily find diverse options, whether natural leather or not, by searching our website or directly through this link.

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