GTA 6: What Would Make the Game Perfect?

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GTA 6: What Would Make the Game Perfect? | Expert Insights

Few things are as guaranteed in life as the fact that the sun will rise tomorrow, that things will get more and more expensive, and that we will have a new rumor about GTA 6 later this week. With almost 10 years having passed since the release of the last numbered game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, the public has been fed news basically from rumors.

And in a decade there have been dozens (hundreds, perhaps?) of rumors. We’ve already heard that Rockstar’s next game could be set in Cuba, that it will have a type of cryptocurrency, that it will have a female protagonist, and more.

But in reality, we have very few confirmations, most of which came from an illegal leak. Furthermore, Rockstar has already given some details about the project and even suggested that the long-awaited GTA 6 could arrive by 2024.

Midjourney (AI tool) to imagine what GTA 6 would be like
Midjourney (AI tool) to imagine what GTA 6 would be like

In the most recent official speech involving the game, the CEO of Take-Two, which owns Rockstar, raised the game’s morale. According to the boss, GTA 6 seeksnothing less than perfection“, opening doors to fans’ imagination.
Since we are really in this area of ​​rumors and guesses, Voxel decided to propose a challenge and ask a question: what would make GTA 6 perfect? For this mission, we called on writers and editors from Voxel who have a lot of experience with GTA to give their opinion on how the next game in the bank robber series could be unforgettable.

Check below the points identified by each representative and check whether you agree or not with each view!

CJ’s return and creative tools

Voxel editor Mateus Mognon said he really wants at least two things: references or the presence of classic characters (especially CJ, from GTA San Andreas ) and anything related to Brazil that is minimally developed.

Any crumb involving Brazil would make me happy”, he points out about possible correlations with our beloved homeland. Mognon goes further and even asks:

  • Optimization: he says he stopped playing GTA 5 because of the long loading times (which were quite annoying). This issue will definitely be resolved, as with the power of current generation SSDs, loading times are getting shorter and shorter;
  • Native creation tools: “Considering the success of GTA Online’s RP mode, GTA 6 would simply fly if it was easily moddable, and in an official way.”

Lots of Easter eggs and references

Voxel YouTube channel editor Derek Keller is a longtime fan of Grand Theft Auto. Right away, he agrees with Mognon and says that GTA 6 should have references to other characters from the saga. “Where is CJ? What happened to Tommy Vercetti?” he asks.

The person responsible for Voxel on YouTube also defends other aspects such as:

  • Easter Eggs: “Build a world of meaningless references so that fans can go crazy hunting for theories and making the game even more alive (like the legends of GTA SA )”;
  • Zoeiras: parodies of real events, but within the game;
  • More places: introduce a new city even if just by name;
  • Partnerships with other games: relationships and references to Red Dead Redemption, for example.
Image created on Midjourney imagines CJ's return in GTA 6.
The image created on Midjourney imagines CJ’s return to GTA 6.

Gameplay and guest improvements

GTA 6 would need to have more RPG elements. He considers that levels for the characters would be interesting to improve physical qualities, skills with firearms or melee weapons, better ability to solve puzzles, and more.

Palmeira also cites other issues that could make Rockstar’s next game “almost perfect”:

  • Better physical combat: elements of physical combat similar to what we see in the Batman: Arkham series would be very interesting. “I think a GTA with Batman ‘s kicks would make me simply dispense with using the game’s weapons.
  • More diverse scenarios: in addition to more urban environments, he thinks it would be interesting to bet on deserts, swamps, and other biomes with more wildlife present, a little inspired by Red Dead Redemption ;
  • Celebrity participation: Grand Theft Auto is popular for its good humor and satire of contemporary society. Because of this, writer Carlos Palmeira argues that the participation of famous actors and personalities would be quite funny to make fun of reality. “Have you ever imagined Neymar appearing as a famous actor within the game’s universe? Would be funny”.

More interactive world and music

Luciana Anselmo, writer at Voxel, makes a very interesting suggestion, which would be to bring the drug trafficking minigames from GTA: Chinatown Wars to GTA 6. Additionally, She suggests:

  • Songs: “I wanted funny original songs like those from GTA 3, which parodied the most famous genres of the time”;
  • More interactive world: Luciana states that she would like to have a greater feeling of a “living world”, even if that means a smaller map. “In GTA 5, I always had the feeling that everything was dead, even though it was very impressive at the time. So I wanted more stores or establishments that you can enter, more vendors on the street, more activities than doing missions and running over people,”

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