How to care for swimming goggles

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How to care for swimming goggles

Goggles are essential accessories for swimming, so it is essential to keep them in excellent condition. Check out some tips to increase the durability of your aquatic lenses:


As soon as you get out of the water, wash your glasses with clean, cold water to remove excess chlorine or salt. The idea is to let the glasses dry alone, in a cool place, without exposure to the sun to prevent the silicone and lenses from damaging.

If the lenses are greasy, you can soak the accessory in a vinegar-water solution for two hours. Then, rinse the glasses again and wait for them to dry naturally before storing them.


Never store your glasses wet to avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that could damage the accessory. If when you leave training, there is not enough time to let them dry naturally, wrap them in paper towels just to transport them and, as soon as you get home, put them out to dry again.

It is best to always carry your swimming goggles in the appropriate case, avoiding scratches and damage to the anti-fog film.


One of the challenges for swimmers is keeping their goggles defogged while training. The lenses usually have water vapor condensed on the inside because the internal temperature of the glasses, which is next to the face, tends to be higher than the external temperature, in the pool or sea.

Even glasses that have anti-fog film, over time, end up fogging up. Buying an anti-fog spray can be a good investment. It forms a temporary protective layer and greatly reduces the discomfort of fogging.

The homemade recipe of using saliva on the inside of the lens also works, despite being much less hygienic

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