How to start surfing?

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How to start surfing

To start surfing you need dedication and patience. If you are impressed when you see images of surfers gliding on huge waves and want to learn how to do the same. But don’t know how the first step is to write down these tips.

Learn to swim

For your safety, the first step to learning to surf is knowing how to swim well. You don’t need to be a professional, but you need to be able to return to the beach without a board if the accessory breaks or the string (also called strep or leash) breaks.

Hire a teacher

The second step to becoming a surfer is to enlist the help of a professional. Of course, a friend who knows how to surf can also act as a teacher, but the important thing is to have someone who can teach you at least the basics so that you can paddle, stand on the board, and, with a little training, glide on the boards. waves.

Choose the right equipment


The best boards to start with are longboards, which are larger and thicker, facilitating stability. For beginners, boards with a foam coating (soft board) may be better because they hurt less. Clothing is also important. It is essential to be comfortable and, especially when you are starting out, it is not recommended to wear bikinis, for example, which can cause concern about unwanted nudity. Remember that you can spend hours at sea, so consider wearing clothes that protect you from the sun.

Don’t be discouraged

Learning to surf can be quite challenging at first, as you will need to develop balance and motor coordination, as well as muscle strength. But there is no other way to improve performance in any sport other than practicing a lot. Don’t compare yourself to other people who have been surfing for longer or who learned faster than you. Focus on your evolution and progress will come.

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