I signed up for the gym. And now?

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I signed up for the gym. And now

Are you going to start going to the gym and don’t know what to do? Start getting to know more about your body!

As common as the terms “workout” and “workout”, the word bodybuilding is often used when people refer to the habit of exercising in the gym. sports

Bodybuilding, obviously, has a direct connection with the muscles in our body – of which there are more than 600! Often used unintentionally, some of them have the function of keeping our heart beating, for example.

For those who join the gym with the aim of lowering their weight and gaining muscle definition, some information is very important. Did you know that losing weight can be harmful?

Let’s go: our body is a set of several things, and among them are fat mass, lean mass, and muscle mass. Each of them has its function and it is extremely important that you know how to take care of each of them as they deserve.

Fat mass

We’ll start with the part that haunts most people. From the small fat pads to the larger ones, all the fat in our body forms what is called fat mass

If you think your goal at the gym is to lose weight, you can stop there! In healthy amounts, among their various functions, fats serve as an energy bank and also act to protect vital organs.

To maintain healthy levels, and avoid high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and other complications, in addition to reducing measures in those areas that bother us when putting on certain clothes, the ideal is to invest in aerobic exercise and good nutrition (a good nutritionist can help you in this part).

Lean mass

Taking fat out of the picture, all the elements that make up our body are part of lean mass. For your development, which is usually one of the focuses of those at the gym, there are several foods that can give you a little extra help.

Legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.), lean meats, and egg whites are some of your allies in this regard. By creating the right recipe for you with experts, your body will respond positively inside and out.

If you notice that in the first few weeks of training your measurements and weight haven’t changed much, or even increased, don’t worry – and don’t be discouraged – as lean mass has the same weight as fat, but takes up less space. Therefore, even if the lean mass is “replacing” the place of the fat mass, the results will need your patience to really appear.


What about muscle mass?

Hypertrophy, the name given to the gain in muscle mass, is what gives that athletic and, of course, muscular appearance. Through the different stimuli generated by each device and exercise, muscles tend to “grow” and often give the results that people seek in the gym.

What works to your advantage at this time is protein. A group of foods that helps the development and structuring of muscles like few others.

In short: a balanced diet, along with good support from specialists – at the gym and in doctors’ offices – are essential factors in achieving the body you want.

And don’t forget another great companion in this process, water, drink it!

Take advantage of our selection of supplements to give that extra help, but always consult a doctor before consuming:

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