Learn more about sitting volleyball

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Learn more about sitting volleyball

Sitting volleyball is the adapted version of the Olympic sport in which two teams face each other on a court divided into 2 equal parts by a net. The objective is to knock the ball into the opposing team’s court.


In this modality, players need to maintain contact with the ground when they touch the ball, and can only leave the ground to move around the court. In addition to being played sitting down, other differences in this version of volleyball are the smaller size of the court, which measures 10 m by 6 m, and the lower height of the net, 1.15 m for men and 1.05 m for women. The net is made of black checkered mesh, 80 cm wide and 6.50 m to 7 m long.

The ball used in sitting volleyball is spherical. With a circumference between 65 cm and 67 cm and a weight of 260 g to 280 g. Made of flexible or synthetic leather covering an internal chamber made of rubber or similar material.

In sitting volleyball, unlike standing volleyball, it is allowed to block the serve.

As in traditional volleyball, the match is divided into up to 5 sets. It ends when one of the teams wins 3 partials. The dispute goes up to 25 consecutive points, in the first 4 sets, and up to 15 in the tie-break. As the last part of the game is called. Between one set and another, the break is 3 minutes.

There are 6 participants from each team on the court at the same time and, in total. Each team can have a maximum of 12 players. It is allowed to make 6 substitutions in each set, in addition to exchanges with the libero, which are unlimited. The libero is a player specialized in defense who only enters to stay in the back line of the court and cannot serve or block.

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