Learn more about softball

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Learn more about softball

With some differences in rules, softball can be considered the indoor version of baseball. The sport was born during Thanksgiving 1887 when American reporter George Hancock and other boys waited for the result of a game to arrive by telegraph. Inside the Farragut Boat Club, in Chicago. After seeing a colleague hit a boxing glove that was thrown towards him with a broom, Hancock had the idea of ​​inviting his friends to play the sport he had just invented.

Softball games are not defined by time, as is the case in many sports. The winning team is the one that makes the most runs or runs, which are the sport’s points, in 7 innings or inners, as the periods in matches are called. Each team enters the field with 9 players.


Time passed and the rules of the new game were adapted. Among the characteristics that differentiate softball from baseball is the ball. The field, and the movement of the arm, for example.

As the name of the sport says, softballs are softer than baseballs. They can be white or neon yellow, with red or white stitching. Measuring 30.2 cm to 30.8 cm in diameter and weighing between 178 g and 198.4 g. Clubs for the sport are a maximum of 86.4 cm and cannot weigh more than 1,077 g.

The field in softball is smaller: it is 60.96 m in radius, which is equivalent to 7.62 meters less than that in baseball. The distance between the bases varies from 40 feet (12.19 m) in the female under 16 category to 46 feet (14.02 m) in the adult male category. sports

Another characteristic of softball is the type of pitch. It is done from below and that is why the ball does not go as fast as in other sports.

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