Learn more about turf, horse racing

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Learn more about turf, horse racing

Considered one of the oldest sports in the world. Horse racing (also called turf racing) was part of the Ancient Olympic Games. But the origin of the sport as it is known today is in 17th century England.

Keeping an eye on performance during competitions, the English began to breed horses brought from Asia and Africa that performed well in races. As a result, they created the English thoroughbred, one of the most used breeds in this sport.

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In turf racing, horses compete on sand or grass tracks, on closed courses, generally oval, or on straight courts. The distance of the route varies and, as with athletes in road running. Different characteristics. The animals. Are required. For each one.

The dynamics are simple: the horse that comes in front wins. As with professional athletes, the animals undergo anti-doping tests to make sure they are competing without irregularities. At the same turf meeting, several races take place. What is the name? Given to each horse race.

There are 2 main types of horse racing: flat, without obstacles, and jumping, with obstacles. This second. The type is divided. Into steeplechases. With different types of difficulties. Such as fences ditches, and hurdles. With standardized barriers.

One of the most coveted titles in racing is the Triple Crown, held in each country at different racecourses. The Triple Crown in England. Is given to the winner of the Epsom Derby. 2000 Guineas Stakes. And St. Leger Stakes and, in the United States. To the winner of the Kentucky Derby. The Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes.

Racing attracts spectators not only because of the possibility of cheering like other sports but also because there is a large betting market that serves as an attraction to place your expectations on a particular horse. In Brazil. Betting is permitted and regulated by law. Unlike what happens in lotteries, in horse racing betting it is possible to study the possibilities of each animal and increase the chances of winning. Between races. There are breaks for bets to be placed.

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