Learn more about underwater fishing

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Learn more about underwater fishing

Spearfishing, also called underwater fishing or spearfishing, is an adventure sport, in which the fisherman uses free diving techniques, that is, without autonomous breathing equipment. To capture aquatic species with a harpoon, arbalete (weapon for shooting harpoons), or pneumatic weapons.

The rule of only allowing apnea diving (holding your breath) for underwater fishing aims to prevent overfishing. In Brazil, an amateur fishing license is mandatory to practice this sport. It is also necessary to respect local legislation that may prohibit underwater fishing in some protected environments. Here, the fishing limit is 10 kg of fish per fisherman in continental waters and 15 kg at sea.

To practice this sport, fishermen can use a mask and snorkel. The mask makes it easier for him to see underwater, so it’s important to choose quality equipment. The snorkel is a tube, approximately 30 cm long. That allows the fisherman to capture air from the surface without having to take his head out of the water.

Neoprene clothing, fins, and a surface buoy are other accessories that help underwater fishing enthusiasts. Insulated clothing aims to provide more comfort for spending a long time in the water. The fins make it easier to stay afloat without using so much energy. The buoy has the function of warning vessels passing by the area that they are aware of the presence of a diver there.

One of the risks involved in underwater fishing is that the practitioner may experience a blackout, which can happen when there is a drastic reduction in O2 in the bloodstream, especially when ascending. Diving is done without autonomous breathing equipment. The fisherman needs to know his own body very well to avoid running out of air. And ending up losing consciousness while still submerged and drowning.

Diving safety rules dictate that individuals should always practice with someone present, enabling them to receive assistance in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

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