The best basic sneakers for your everyday life

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The best basic sneakers for your everyday life

We have selected some models of casual sneakers that have the potential to be wildcards in your shoe rack.

In our daily lives, with the rush of modern life, we increasingly want comfort and practicality to meet our daily goals. Good sneakers, comfortable and versatile, can be a great ally, both when composing looks and during our daily activities.

We’ve prepared a list of some models of casual sneakers that can be real wildcards and make your life a lot easier when it comes to getting ready for another day out of the house. SPORTS

The beloved All-Star

Known in Brazil for many years as simply “All-Star”, the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star is a sneaker that needs no introduction. Its varied colors, canvas construction, and rubber sole have won over generations, fitting the feet of different groups.

The Chuck Taylor, in both its high-top and low-top versions, is a durable and stylish sneaker. Bet on the silhouette both for the “beans and rice” and to be a little daring, with some more vibrant color on the feet.

From the courts to the streets

The great indoor sports, including tennis and basketball, have always been the starting point for the creation of important models of sports footwear. Many of them, over the years, became considered casual sneakers, after performance technology evolved and passed them by.

Today, the inspiration from the courts continues to be present in many silhouettes, bringing these sneakers an elegant look, without leaving comfort aside.

  • Nike Court Royale
  • PUMA Smash V2
  • adidas Grand Court Base

It looks like a race, but it’s not

The models categorized as “Retro Runners” are inspired by old running shoes that, like indoor sports shoes, had their technology surpassed and became casual sneakers.

For a more sporty look always value comfort in your routine. The models in this category are also excellent options for basic and versatile sneakers.

You can already see that there is no shortage of options, right?! So now it’s time to choose which type of casual sneakers suits you best and include them in your routine. We are sure that your days will be much more comfortable!

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