What is BMX?

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What is BMX

BMX cycling was inspired by motocross. The use of bicycles to perform extreme maneuvers became popular in California in the 1960s, when young people wanted to imitate their idols who performed stunts on motorcycles. The acronym BMX alludes to “bicycle motocross”, translated from English into Portuguese as backcross.

Smaller than normal cycling bikes, BMX bikes have 20-inch rims, just one gear and brake, as well as a very sturdy frame to withstand maneuvers and jumps.

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What types of bicycles are there?

There are 2 categories of BMX cycling: freestyle and racing. In freestyle, cyclists perform sequences of radical maneuvers. There are several subcategories, according to the style or type of flooring. The park subcategory was the one that debuted as an Olympic sport in Tokyo 2020. It is practiced on closed-circuit tracks, such as skateboarding, with obstacles. And ramps. and walls to carry out the movements.

Among the other subcategories of BMX freestyle are vert, or vertical, contested on U-shaped ramps called halfpipe; street, which uses handrails, stairs, benches, and other difficulties found on the streets as obstacles; and flatland, in which the athlete needs a lot of balance to perform on a flat track, performing stunts with the bike stationary or in motion.

In BMX racing, as the name suggests, a race takes place. Athletes face each other in heats of 8 participants each. The track is a descent with obstacles, 300 to 400 m long, and the start is made from a platform. Which is 10 m high.

To practice BMX cycling, you must use safety equipment. In addition to wearing a padded jumpsuit to ensure greater protection in the event of falls, BMX riders also wear elbow pads, knee pads, gloves, and a helmet.

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