What is the difference between the balls used in each sport?

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What is the difference between the balls used in each sport

Ball sports are among the most popular among athletes of all ages. Each sport has a ball with different characteristics and it is up to the entities responsible for the various sports to define the official measures for the practice. Today, manufacturers make most balls from synthetic leather or rubber, although they still use animal leather in some cases. There is a lot of technology involved in making this accessory ideal for sports.

Check out some characteristics of each round:


The ball used to play basketball, at first, was adapted from the football chamber and was slightly larger and heavier than the current version. The orange tone that the ball maintains to this day is inspired by the past. Today, official basketballs are 74.9 cm in circumference and weigh 623 g for the men’s category, and are 72.3 cm in circumference and weigh 566 g for the women’s category.


The official football ball weighs from 410 to 450 g and has a circumference of 68 cm to 70 cm. The one used in futsal is a little smaller, measuring 62 cm to 64 cm.

Manufacturers conduct tests on the balls before releasing them onto the field to check water absorption, loss of pressure, and preservation of size and shape. Fun fact: the first football to receive a special name for the World Cup was the Telstar, from Adidas. In honor of the homonymous satellite that transmitted the 1970 Mexico Cup games to Europe. The ball had a hitherto unprecedented combination of black pentagons and white hexagons.

American football

The American football ball has an oval shape and a special seam, which facilitates plays specific to this sport. Furthermore, the material used in the coating is rougher to improve friction with your hands. The circumference is 52.7 cm to 54 cm, when measured in the center, and 71 cm to 72.4, between the nipples.


In handball, the balls are a little smaller to fit in the players’ hands. The adult handball categories have different accessories for men and women. The men’s handball ball weighs between 425 g and 475 g and has a circumference between 58 cm and 60 cm. The female’s weighs 325 g to 375 g and measures 54 cm to 56 cm.



The circumference of the indoor volleyball ball is 65 cm to 67 cm and it weighs 270 g.

In beach volleyball, the ball is between 66 cm and 68 cm. For the sport on the court, manufacturers cover the balls with softer material, and for the beach, they use waterproof material.

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