Why is physical education important?

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Why is physical education important

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A subject that is part of Elementary Education, some people ask: why is physical education important?

Contrary to what many people think, physical education classes are not a break to play. The contents to be covered during classes are determined by the National Common Curricular Base (BNCC). A document from the MEC (Ministry of Education) that defines essential learning in Basic Education.

According to the BNCC, physical education is classified as part of the Language area, along with art. Portuguese, and English, and “in classes. Teachers must approach bodily practices as a dynamic, diverse, multidimensional, singular, and contradictory cultural phenomenon”.

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The document also clarifies that bodily practices are not reproductions of daily movements but rather physical activities proposed by teachers for specific purposes. Outside of work, domestic, hygienic, and religious obligations, without an instrumental character. The goal is to offer students knowledge and experiences they would not have otherwise.

These practices have as fundamental elements body movement. Internal organization is guided by logic, and the cultural product is linked to leisure, entertainment, or health care.

The BNCC divides the body practices of elementary school into 6 thematic units: games and play, sports, gymnastics, dances, martial arts, and adventure body practices.

In physical education classes, we work on 8 dimensions of knowledge: experimentation, use and appropriation, enjoyment, reflection on action, construction of values, analysis, understanding, and community protagonism.

If these reasons were not enough to understand why physical education is important, it is worth remembering that the practice is provided for in legislation. Law 9,394/1996, which establishes the guidelines and bases of national education, provides for mandatory physical education, “integrated into the school’s pedagogical proposal”.

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