10 automotive blogs worth knowing

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10 automotive blogs worth knowing

With that in mind, we analyzed and listed 10 interesting automotive blogs to check out, some pages are more comprehensive, and others have more specific information. But, as with every page, having an attractive layout, organization, clarity, and content that helps the reader counts in favor. Check out our list! TRENDING NEWS

1. Automotive News

With language more typical of automotive blogs and active for over 10 years, the page gained credibility.

In general, texts about a given model deal with prices, consumption, and versions and expose technical details.

In the top menu, the tabs are diverse, allowing you to refine the search by brand and presenting a section for comparisons, another for new releases and even to highlight used items, with collaborative texts such as “owner’s opinion”.

2. Automotive Business

The home page focuses on news, but the site is known for providing studies and statistics on the automotive sector.

Automotive Business also offers content in a digital magazine, with free download. Public comparisons between models, brand rankings, and articles that aim to discuss challenges in the national market.

The news has tags that, if clicked, lead to a compilation of other publications within the topic.

By clicking on “auto parts” it is possible to find and download a document with the names of national suppliers of parts for a specific car model. So, the reader can know, for example, the name of the supplier of the seats and headlamp frames for the T-Cross, Volkswagen’s compact SUV.

The site also offers opinion articles from several columnists.

3. AutoIndústria

The page brings together the main news from the automotive market, featuring a contemporary layout, with dynamic images and subdivisions to group content about the market, product, company, or industry, among other topics.

The language is more professional and impersonal, with short and objective texts. The site also features interviews and articles from columnists.

4. Motor1.com

Although the top menu of the page is quite summarized, clicking on the subdivisions gives you access to information and videos.

In the “tests” section, for example, you can read about first impressions and “why buy?”, indicating that the page is more focused on users looking for information to help with their purchasing journey.

5. Autos Secretes

Here, the content is more aimed at those who like to discover the brands’ latest launches. The focus is on car models in the testing phase. The relationship with the word “secrets” certainly arises from this approach.

The posts are frequently updated, with a predominance of images and little text, but articles about car reviews and comparisons between models are also available.

It can be fun to read the content of the “Nostalgia” tab in the top menu of the page, as old cars are remembered there and a little about the history of these vehicles is told, including photos.

Useful information is found in the “Accessories” subdivision, with articles on recall cases for certain models.

In general, it presents articles that help guide the purchase, comparing vehicles in basic versions with complete versions.

6. From 0 to 100

Also present on Facebook, with a large number of likes. The blog is signed by Renato Parizzi and brings together texts that result from a combination of news and opinion.

The language is more informal and personal, which ends up bringing the reader closer and being more inviting for interaction.

The texts are detailed and when they propose to evaluate a car model, they are categorical when recommending, or not, a purchase, presenting the arguments to justify the opinion.

7. InfoMoney Car Blog

With more spaced-out publications. The blog reflects Raphael Galante’s opinion and is a subdivision of the already well-known InfoMoney website, which covers news in the economic area.


Due to the relationship with the economic theme. Opinion articles are more focused on analyzing the automotive market and can range from arguments about changes to traffic rules in Brazil to views on the consumption behavior of car buyers in the country.

8.  Autochat

Not all automotive blogs have a long life on the internet. After all, it is a versatile medium, and maintaining a page requires dedication. In many cases, opinion articles can come from columns maintained on automobile market news websites, as we saw in the examples cited above.

In Autopapo, the texts are signed by journalist Boris Feldman. Who also accumulated experience by running a radio program on the subject. Many articles present tips and curiosities related to vehicle maintenance.

In the online environment, guidance from those who have experience in the market always counts in favor of credibility.

9. Best Cars

Although it does not have the structure of a blog, with language closer to the reader, the page has an Editorial column, signed by Fabrício Samahá, which contains opinion articles with explanatory texts that address, for example, the definition of the SUV model. So in evidence on the national market lately.

10. WardsAuto

To get out of the circulation of news and themes from the national market, it is worth visiting foreign pages.

In the top menu of the WardsAuto website. It is possible to stay up to date with automotive sector events held in the USA, a country with a large market and a strong influence on the automobile sector in Brazil.

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