10 dog movies you need to watch!

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10 dog movies you need to watch!

When we have a little free time, going to the cinema or relaxing by watching a movie at home is invigorating. For those who love animals, dog movies are good options to distract the mind.

Dogs have always been portrayed on screen, whether as supporting characters or main characters, but in one way or another, they end up stealing the show. Whether you want to laugh or get emotional, it’s worth watching these recommended movies that feature dogs that we’ve put together, especially for you. Check out!

All Dogs Deserve Heaven (1989)

This is a pioneering work on dog films and features a German Shepherd named Charlie, who had inappropriate behavior and ended up being arrested. His friend Cicatriz, a Bulldog, ends up mysteriously getting rich. So, Charlie escapes from prison and decides to look for him.

Cicatriz doesn’t want to share his money with anyone and sets up an ambush for Charlie to get rid of him forever. In paradise, the angels tell Charlie that he will only be able to enter when he performs good deeds on Earth. To do this, he has the help of a little girl who is able to talk to animals and the Mangy Basset.

Beethoven: the Magnificent (1992)

When talking about films about dogs, one cannot fail to mention the classic Beethoven: the Magnificent. It’s easy to find someone who got to know the São Bernardo breed only after watching this beautiful film.

The big star of the film, the dog Beethoven is adopted by the Newton family, who grows more than expected, causing a lot of confusion. On the other hand, Herman Varnick (Dean Jones) targets the big hairy guy in somewhat strange experiments, leading to a series of problems.

Marley and Me (2008)

Considered one of the best dog films and most watched in recent years, Marley and Me is the story of a couple who start their family by adopting a labrador. What they didn’t expect was that Marley, like a good mischievous puppy, would do a few good things.

Full of emotions, it is a film to laugh and cry, as it portrays exactly the difficulties, joys, and loyalty that every owner experiences having a “canine child” at every moment of their life.

Always by Your Side (2009)

Always by Your Side is one of the dog movies based on an emotional true story. It tells the story of a professor who, against his wife, adopts an Akita dog, who becomes his inseparable friend.

The faithful dog then follows his owner to the train station where he goes to work and also waits for him to return every day until an event changes this entire routine. To show the importance of this film, today, at Shibuya station, in Japan, there is a statue of Akita waiting for his guardian.

Pets: the secret life of animals (2016)

Pets is a children’s dog film that tells the story of spoiled Max. Who lives alone in an apartment with his owner until Duke arrives, having to share his privileges.

Max doesn’t want to be friends with the newcomer. But an incident ends up putting them both in the cart’s sights and they have to escape. The neighborhood animals come together to help them as they get into various adventures.

Four Lives of a Dog (2017)

Also on the list of most exciting dog movies. This beautiful plot tells the story of a Golden Retriever named Bailey and a perspective on life and death.

Bailey dies and is reincarnated several times on Earth, having new families and new experiences, good and bad. However, her goal in all these lives is to find her true love: her first guardian, Ethan.

My friend Enzo (2019)

If you’re looking for an animated dog movie, My Friend Enzo is a good recommendation. Based on Garth Stein’s best-seller, this production tells the story of Denny Swift and his furry companion Enzo.

Very intelligent, Enzo spends his days thinking and philosophizing about what it is like to be human. Observing his tutor, especially during races. However, everything changes with the arrival of Eve, Denny’s new girlfriend.

On the way home (2019)

Young medical student Lucas lives with his dog Bella, his faithful companion. During the course of the plot. Bella ends up getting lost and ends up so far away that she can’t return home.

After a period full of learning and experiences, following her instincts. She finally finds her way back, moving everyone who watches this beautiful production.

Together Forever (2019)

This production follows the path of the film Four Lives of a Dog.  As it also reports life after death experiences and reunions on Earth, where Buddy has a peaceful life with Hanna.

One day, Glória (Hanna’s daughter) appears with a surprise: she also has a daughter: Clarity! In the new family routine. Buddy realizes that Clarity does not receive the attention she deserves from her mother and decides to take care of her and protect her forever.

Togo (2019)

Togo is one of those dog movies based on a true story and, of course, exciting. Togo and Leonhard embark on a sled trip through Alaska in 1925. The objective is to look for a serum that will help control the outbreak of diphtheria. A disease that threatened the village’s residents in the middle of a harsh winter.

With a lot of suspense and adventure. You will find in this film an example of companionship between an owner and his dog, always together, no matter what!

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