Find out what the personality of each sign’s dog is like

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Find out what the personality of each sign's dog is like

Have you noticed that each furry friend has a personality? Sometimes, even though they are the same breed and raised in the same home, we notice differences in behavior and temperament. What explains this? Perhaps the answer lies in the zodiac. Let’s find out how each sign’s dog behaves.

Of course, everything the dog has gone through and still goes through in life can influence his attitude. For example, if he was abandoned, beaten, left alone, didn’t have attention from his guardian… All of this affects his personality.

However, if the cosmic world could influence people’s lives, it wouldn’t be any different with animals, would it? Therefore, many attitudes and even personalities can be more evident according to the dog of each sign. Check out!


What are the signs of dogs?

The theory about the influence of the stars on the personality of dogs is the same for humans. The best known is the solar sign, resulting from the interaction of the Sun with the Earth at the time of a person’s birth — or, in this case, furry ones.

In the zodiac sign, it is verified in which constellation the Sun is positioned on the day the dog was born, dividing the points into twelve signs. Based on this, the dog of each sign will have the characteristics described below.


Aries dogs are quite fearless and are often seen as brawlers. They are very persistent and end up getting what they want, convincing anyone. Despite being a little territorial, they are very playful and loyal to their owner.

An example of a dog breed that can have its personality accentuated if born in Aries is the Rottweiler. As he doesn’t like a lot of provocation and is extremely strong, some games can end in accidents.


Another breed loyal to its owner, the German Shepherd is a great example of a Taurus dog. Dogs of this sign are very affectionate and love to give a “lick”. They are animals that protect their families like no one else, especially children, and this also involves a bit of jealousy.

Generally, furry dogs are obedient, although a little stubborn. They make easy friends with other dogs. The father and mother of the Taurus pet can count on a guard dog and a faithful friend!


Gemini canine pets are easy to train. They are also intelligent and love physical activity. This is the case of the Siberian Husky, capable of running for miles and miles.

Dogs of this sign are temperamental and have difficulty making decisions, which is why they end up following their natural instincts, and becoming excellent hunters. Although they may seem like more distant animals, Geminis love to interact and play, and they don’t like to be alone.


Cancerian dogs are very attached to their family and the home where they live, as is the case with the Labrador. They are a little dramatic and expressive. When the owner leaves the house, for example, it is very noticeable that animals of this sign become sad. They love to bury food, bones, and toys.


Leo dogs tend to bark, scaring away any thief who wants to approach their home, which is why they make great guard dogs. Independent and faithful to its owner, a good representative is the Chow-chow, which, in addition to its temperament, has hair like a lion’s mane.

The Chow-chow is highly sociable, likes to receive visitors, loves children, and is tireless when playing. Furthermore, they are also charismatic and captivating, doing everything to attract attention, whether from their owners or strangers on the street.


Intelligent, hygienic, and faithful animals, they don’t feel very comfortable with strangers. They are shy and face some difficulty with new friendships, so their owner means everything to this furry friend, although they don’t show much affection. They like routine, are intelligent, and do well with training. Furthermore, they may have their own curious quirks and rituals and are careful about their diet.


Libra dogs are characterized by indecision and appreciation for affection. Furthermore, they tend to have mood swings, love to go for walks, and enjoy items to complement their look, such as bows and clothes. The Poodle loves to be close to its owner, it is jealous and noisy, which is why it represents Libra’s pets well. He is very friendly, full of energy, and loves to play.


Scorpio dogs are determined, obstinate, very loyal to their family, extremely influential over other dogs and people, and get everything they want. These dogs will never forget a situation where they were mistreated or wronged.

With intense feelings, natives of this sign may have secret hiding places where they keep their most valuable toys, bones, and snacks.


Intelligence, agility, and strategy: these are Sagittarius’ skills. Furthermore, he is extremely affectionate and playful. He loves to mess around, especially with children. Although he is extroverted, he has times when he prefers to be alone. It’s the Dalmatian’s personality.

It’s a great companion for trips, trails, and anything that involves new things. He can’t stand being stuck in one place and that’s why he soon gets bored. He is very sociable and may be the most popular on the playground.


Despite being faithful and loving their owners very much, Capricorn dogs do not like new friendships and a lot of affection. They are stubborn and active, needing to spend their energy on physical activity to avoid becoming aggressive. This is the case with the Bull Terrier.


The Aquarius dog loves the environment, especially contact with the earth. Therefore, it is an excellent companion for a nice walk in the park. He is independent and likes to attract attention. Have you ever tried taking a Pug to play in the sand?

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