Discover how playing with a blind dog can be fun!

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Discover how playing with a blind dog can be fun!

Taking care of a pet takes time and some effort, but the moments of affection and fun are unforgettable! Pets with special needs also love these moments, but the owner may find it difficult to carry out certain activities, such as playing with a blind dog.

The blind dog, like the dog that sees perfectly, needs activities and attention from its guardian. Those who think that because they have visual difficulties they are not capable of playing and having fun are very mistaken. So, understand how to entertain this furry one!

Living with a blind dog

Living with a blind dog doesn’t have to be very different from living with a dog that can see well. Some animals may even be born blind, but the vast majority end up having some problems throughout their lives, whether due to illness or aging, and end up losing their vision.

However, one thing is certain: dogs born or who become blind late in life are perfectly capable of adapting to their environment. This is because the dog’s sense of smell is very keen! Not that vision is not needed, but furry people are guided much more by smell than by seeing things, like human beings.

It is normal for blind pets to be a little more suspicious of unfamiliar people and places, but little by little this can be changed. Always encourage the dog when he walks in the correct places and discovers where the food/water bowl is or where he urinates and defecates.

Even if you are very sorry for the pup’s situation, there is no need to spare him! Quite the contrary, this furry friend needs to be physically and emotionally stimulated so that he does not develop other illnesses. Knowing how to play with a blind dog is essential for its well-being.

Preparing the environment for play

You’ve probably seen someone throw a ball and the furry friend fetches it and returns it. Have you ever imagined a blind dog doing this? Yes! He is capable of this too, but some care must be taken.

At home, it is important that furniture is not moved, as this can make the blind dog confused. If all the objects remain in the same place, the puppy is able to navigate the entire path without bumping into anything. Therefore, games should be played where the dog is familiar.

Give preference to wider spaces to avoid accidents. If you prefer to take your pet outdoors to throw balls, for example, he first needs to get to know the environment very well. Give him the opportunity to go for walks, preferably accompanied, so he feels safe.

If the furry animal is an animal that doesn’t get along well with others. You should look for a calm and empty place so that it doesn’t feel afraid. Let people know that your pet is blind so that no one approaches it suddenly and ends up scaring it.

Types of games for blind dogs

The ways in which you play with a blind dog are no different from those of other dogs without visual impairments. What changes is the preparation of the environment? In this case, a little more commitment is needed on the part of the tutor.

As the furry dog ​​cannot see, other senses must be explored, such as the dog’s sense of smell or hearing. Games such as tag, fetching balls, running around the park, or using different toys should be explored, always using noise so that the pet knows where objects and people are.

“Treasure hunt” games, hiding snacks in the environment, rooting mat. And licking mat are also great resources to stimulate the sense of smell.

Types of Toys for Blind Dogs

Choosing toys for blind dogs is essential so that they can experience all the sensations and pleasures that playing can provide. Furthermore, toys can be allies in training these pets and improving their behavior.

Noisy toys

Purchasing a squeaky toy helps your blind dog to find its way around better. This toy can be used to throw, hide, or simply make different noises when the dog bites. Physically and mentally stimulating the pet.

It is necessary to know the dog’s personality. There are those who like loud noises, while others are scared. However, there are a multitude of toy options, so it’s worth noting which one your pet adapts best to.

Toys with texture

Textured toys help blind dogs discover the world. There are plastic dog bones, and clean natural bones, with relief or not, among other variations. There are also toys made of cloth, ropes, hard, soft, etc.

The different textures allow dogs to explore chewing, teeth, tongue, and paws. There are sensory toys for blind dogs or puppies that help them have a better perception of the textures of various surfaces. Such as concrete, tiled floors, fabrics, grass, etc.

Toys with smells and flavors

An excellent way to learn how to play with a blind dog is to use toys that contain snacks. As the pet plays, these treats fall to the floor, stimulating the pet’s various senses, especially smell and hearing.

There are also toys with flavors and smells that pets like, such as meat, chicken, and bacon. All of them stimulate and help the owner to entertain their pet and get closer to the furry friend.

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