10 job and internship selection sites

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10 job and internship selection sites

job and internship. Finding a good job has never been an easy task, but the internet could be the tool you need to speed up the process and stand out in the job market. The growth and updates of online platforms are constant, offering good search possibilities. Some websites advertise job vacancies in all areas, but some work in specific sectors.

Some of the platforms you’ll see here can help you organize and optimize your resume. Furthermore, with innovation and the increasingly competitive market, some websites take into account your professional stance, which can attract the attention of hiring companies; So be prepared and use the internet to your advantage.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular options, as, in addition to serving as an online resume, it can be used for professional relationships and networking. The platform offers a subscription service that can increase the chances of your resume being seen by the hiring manager. Get to know LinkedIn.

2. InfoJobs

The site offers vacancies for various positions and sectors and allows you to advertise CVs for free. According to official information, the platform has 16 million registered professionals. Discover InfoJobs.

3. 99jobs

This site aims to minimize the incessant search for your dream job, telling you whether the professional suits the company you want to work for. It is 100% free for candidates and offers selection process management tools for companies. Discover 99jobs.

4. Gupy.io

Guppy allows companies to automate and improve their selection processes. In the system, the company manages the vacancy, chooses the tests and stages of the process, defines deadlines, and sends emails to candidates. Meet Gupy.

5. Catho

You can host CVs and view job advertisements in various areas and subscribe to Catho for 7 days for free to take online courses and contact recruiters. The site’s services include job search and vacancy notification via email. Meet Catho.

6. VAGAS.com

The site’s business model is to receive revenue only from contractors, so it is completely free for anyone looking for an opportunity in the job market. With more than 3,000 registered companies, the platform offers job searches, CV registration, job alerts via email, and support materials about your profile. Discover VAGAS.com.

7. Sine/Worka Brasil

On air since 2000, Trabalha Brasil, previously called the National Employment Site (Sine), is among the largest in the country. The name was changed because it was constantly confused with the National Employment System (with the same acronym, Sine), from the Ministry of Labor. Get to know Sine/Trabalha Brasil .

8. Jooble

The site defines itself as a job search engine and has a filter panel to make the search more precise and automatically remove duplicate results. It is possible to receive alerts about the emergence of opportunities through a newsletter subscription. The name comes from the combination of the words job and Google. Meet Jooble.

9. Prolancer

The platform focuses on remote work, offering permanent or temporary positions in programming, design, translation, and writing services. Currently, the site has 20 thousand contractors and 165 thousand registered professionals. Meet Prolancer.

10. CIEE

With a completely free service, the Business-School Integration Center (CIEE) website helps young Brazilian students find internship or learning opportunities in the job market, increasing their chances of being hired. Get to know CIEE.

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