Work visa in Portugal:

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Work visa in Portugal:

How to get it, where to apply and how much does the D1 cost? Getting a professional opportunity in Europe is a way to improve your CV and boost your career. Therefore, having a work visa in Portugal is a gateway for Brazilians to achieve this goal.

This document is an authorization that proves the legality of the foreigners in Portuguese lands. So, see how to get it, where to apply, how long it takes, what is needed, and how much this visa costs. Continue reading to find out!

How to get a work visa in Portugal? Main requirements

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So, after sending your  CV using the Europass model, your great opportunity has arrived! You got a job invitation letter or a contract with a Portuguese company. The question that arises is: what to do now?

The first step is to gather your documentation to apply for the visa and look for a Portuguese Consulate in Brazil. You can also order through VFS Global. See the next topic for the procedure.

Apply for a work visa at VFS after finding a job

To apply for the D1 work visa, you can go to one of the VFS Global distribution centers distributed throughout Brazil. Find out which jurisdictions are:

  • Rio de Janeiro/RJ:  serves the states of Rio de Janeiro, Pará, Espírito Santo, Amazonas, Amapá, Maranhão, Acre and Roraima;
  • Nova Lima/MG:  operates with the state of Minas Gerais;
  • São Paulo/SP:  serves the states of São Paulo, Paraná, Mato Grosso do Sul, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul;
  • Brasília/DF:  operates with the Federal District, in addition to the states of Goiás, Rondônia, Tocantins and Mato Grosso;
  • Salvador/BA:  has responsibility for all states in the Northeast.

The applicant must go to the application center closest to their home. In this process, you must bring all the documentation requested for the visa, as this will avoid any headaches on the day.

Documents to apply for a work visa in Portugal

You are already aware that you need to gather several documents to apply for a work visa in Portugal. This includes papers related to the job vacancy and of a personal nature, see:

  • Employment contract, promise of contract, or expression of interest;
  • Declaration issued by the Institute of Employment and Professional Training;
  • 2 3×4 photos;
  • Financial proof;
  • International vaccination card (you can ask for it at the airport);
  • Visa application form;
  • Original and copy of passport valid for more than 3 months;
  • Certificate of criminal record in the last 30 days, apostilled and issued by the Federal Police of Brazil;
  • Request to consult the crime record in Portugal by the Foreigners and Borders Service;
  • PB4 issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Health or International Health Insurance;
  • Valid travel insurance;
  • Consulate invoice paid.

Review this checklist and have all ordered items on hand. Failure to present one of these documents may cause your D1 visa application to be rejected. Therefore, check that all paperwork complies with the rules of the Portuguese consulate.

Do I need to have a job to apply for a visa?

Yes! The promise of a place in Portugal or the signed contract itself is essential for you to receive travel authorization. Other than that, there are also other parameters that the foreigner must meet to obtain a D1 work visa.

It is worth noting that the advertisement for the position must have been published by the company at the Employment and Professional Training Institute (IEFP). Furthermore, this position must not have been filled by Portuguese workers or nationals of member states of the European Union.

This even includes workers from third countries with a regularization process in Portugal or legal residence in the country. This rule is stipulated because the employer has the responsibility to offer this flow in the country before calling the Brazilian professional.

The IEPP system has updated data on job opportunities in Portugal accessible to everyone. To complete the process, it may still be a requirement to prove that you can perform the role, depending on the regulation of professional activity in Portuguese bodies.

How long does it take to get a work visa?

The D1 work visa process takes 30 to 60 days in general. During this period, the Portuguese Consulate keeps the worker’s passport and returns it by post. Still, it is not possible to define an exact deadline for issuing the visa.

Therefore, it is not recommended that professionals purchase a ticket to Portugal before receiving a definitive response from the consulate. Keep in mind that if any documentation is missing, it is possible to receive a negative response. Therefore, already having your ticket purchased will be a big problem.

How much does it cost to obtain a work visa in Portugal?

Reserve R$175.82 for the work visa fee in Portugal, on average. As the calculation is made monthly by VFS, based on the variation in the Euro, this cost may change slightly. Therefore, check the  VFS portal to check the fee when applying for your visa.

In the price used as an example, the transfer fee is R$15.27, and processing your visa costs R$160.55. Please note that other fees may apply if extra services are used.

How do I pay for the visa?

To pay for the work visa in Portugal, you cannot use cash. Therefore, the options are Pix, bank deposit at the teller, and Mastercard, Visa, or ELO debit card.

If you make a bank deposit for payment, send the original receipt to VFS Global. In the case of Pix, print the receipt and send it to the financial sector to check.

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