Top 10 Sites to Find Government Jobs in Canada

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Top 10 Sites to Find Government Jobs in Canada


However, there are many online job boards, aggregators, social media, channel apps, staffing company websites, and networking groups to apply for Find government jobs.

Looking for government jobs in Canada doesn’t have to be stressful; That’s why we’ve put together the possible ways to find government jobs in Canada.

So, in this article, we are going to enlighten you about the top ten websites to find federal government jobs, provincial government jobs, or municipal government jobs in Canada. Stay with us!

What are government jobs?

Of course, government jobs are those aspects of jobs overseen by the federal government, provincial government, or municipal government, offering great benefits and competitive pay.

So when you hear someone say they work for the government, it means they are a civil servant or public service employee and are working for the government body at the provincial, federal, or municipal levels.

Why Find Government Jobs in Canada?

You may often come across the question “What’s so special about government jobs”. Yes! There are many special benefits for you as a public service employee in Canada. Many employees look for the opportunity to find government jobs in Canada due to its job security and various incentives.

Many perks come with working for the government. What’s more, these benefits are constant regardless of whether you work for the state, federal, or local government. Here are some of the reasons why you should find government jobs in Canada

  • There is a high employment rate
  • There is an attractive remuneration
  • Have better job security
  • You will have the opportunity to contribute positively to the public

Examples of Government Jobs in Canada

Without a doubt, the Canadian government, both at the provincial, federal, and municipal levels, hosts a wide range of employment prospects for employees finding government jobs in Canada.


  • Here are some of the areas where government jobs are available
  • Support Areas​
  • Law enforcement
  • Science and Engineering
  • Education, public health, and social services
  • Commerce and technology
  • International relations and linguistics
  • Emergency attendant
  • Teacher
  • Prison guard
  • Social worker
  • Database manager
  • Fireman
  • Civil engineer
  • Linguist

Eligibility to Find Government Jobs in Canada

To find government jobs in Canada, you need to meet the requirements to qualify for the job offer.

These requirements are essential for you to work at the federal and municipal levels in Canada and the municipal and provincial levels. So make sure you don’t miss any of this

It would help if you were 16 or older

You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. However, you are eligible to work if you have a valid work permit as per government requirements.

You must meet screening requirements; It is

You must meet the language requirements of the position. This is the official Canadian language.

Can immigrants find government jobs in Canada?

Yes, Canadian immigrants can find government jobs in Canada. The truth is that few government jobs specifically require Canadian citizens (however, you can obtain citizenship after a short period), but on the contrary, immigrants can easily find government jobs in Canada at the federal, provincial, or municipal levels.

Interestingly, government jobs in Canada are robust, with fewer layoffs. Furthermore, there are excellent benefits that accompany your salary.

Top Sites to Find Government Jobs in Canada

Welcome to the 21st century where technology has improved the life of every individual. Gone are the days when you have to walk from one company to another or from one sector to another in search of a job.

# 1. Career Builder

Without a doubt, there is no list of the best job search sites that will be complete without CareerBuilder. CareerBuilder is one of the largest and longest-running job boards on the Internet, known for its size and longevity.

# 2. Robert Half

Ultimately, with Robert Half, you will find thousands of remote job listings in Canada and around the world. Mainly, many opportunities you will find in Robert’s half cannot be seen anywhere else.

# 3. Indeed

Not only does it support jobs posted by employers, but it also aggregates postings from across the web, including professional associations and company career pages, allowing you to search globally or locally.

# 4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the main networking sites; LinkedIn allows you to find government jobs in Canada only through direct employer listing and communication with your extended network.

 # 5. Google for jobs

Of course, Google for Jobs aggregates job listings from websites across the web. However, mostly you will use it like you use Google on the same main search page.

# 6. Monster

Interestingly, Monster is a huge job site that offers networking, resume reviews, service company profiles, and mobile app services in over 40 countries across the world. It is one of the first commercial websites and one of the main ones.

# 7. Eluta

Specifically, Eluta is a Canadian search engine that helps Canadians or immigrants find government jobs in Canada.

# 8. Jobboom

Are you in Quebec? Or do you want to find government jobs in Canada (Quebec, precisely)? Without a doubt, Jobboom is the largest recruitment site in Quebec, offering services in French and English.

# 9. ZipRecruiter

First of all, ZipRecruiter started as a tool for small businesses to post jobs affordably. However, it has now become an online job marketplace that uses artificial intelligence to connect companies of different sizes with job seekers through the web, email services, and mobile devices. Additionally, you can use the ZipRecruiter mobile app to apply and search for jobs.

#10. Hired

Additionally, Hired is a search site that collects listings from around the web, including job boards, company career pages, and niche job sites.

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