13 e-commerce trends for 2023

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13 e-commerce trends for 2023

Furthermore, a study by SmartHint showed that Brazilian e-commerce had a 785% increase in revenue in the first five months of 2022. This adoption of online shopping is explained by a few reasons, according to the Market Review study, by Bornlogic and Opinion Box:

  • practicality of purchasing and receiving the order without leaving home (63%);
  • lower prices than in physical stores (61%);
  • promotions that can only be found on the internet (58%).

To take advantage of this boom in online retail and boost your sales next year, it is essential to stay on top of the main e-commerce strategies and trends.

In this context, we have separated 13 e-commerce trends for you to learn about and make your strategic planning for 2023. Check it out!

1. Omnichannel strategies

If omnichannel retail was already an e-commerce trend in recent years, it intensified even more after the pandemic, when many physical stores had to close their doors and start selling online.

A survey carried out by All iN and Social Miner, in partnership with Opinion Box, showed that 60% of Brazilians started to consume in a hybrid way, using online and physical retail.

2. Online consultancy service

Customer service can be a major bottleneck in e-commerce when it is not handled in the most appropriate way.

Many consumers prefer to shop in physical stores because of the possibility of being served more efficiently in these locations. Therefore, offering consultative and humanized services is a strong trend in e-commerce.

3. Video content

Video is the content format of the moment! With the popularization of TikTok and the transformation of Instagram into a platform focused especially on videos – through Reels -, this is a type of content that cannot be missing from your marketing planning.

Within this trend, the live commerce strategy also stands out, which consists of carrying out live broadcasts to promote a closer relationship with the public and generate more humanized sales.


In recent years, several brands, from large marketplaces to small businesses, have surrendered to this sales technique, especially during holidays such as Black Friday.

4. Social commerce

Year after year, there is no denying the influence that social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, have on consumers’ purchasing decisions.

The Bornlogic study shows that 65% of people tend to search for products on social media and 26% use these channels to make purchases.

This panorama gave rise to the social commerce strategy, which is based on the use of social networks to promote a store.

5. Voice shopping

A market trend for the coming years is voice commerce, that is, the use of virtual assistants, such as Alexa and Google Assistant, to purchase products and services online.

According to research by Ilumeo, the use of voice assistants grew by 47% in Brazil during the pandemic period. To top it off, 63% of respondents say that it is common to speak out loud with an operating system.

6. Online advertising

With the popularization of social networks, new opportunities to humanize and promote brands have emerged. One of them is through the figure of digital influencers and the other is through paid advertisements.

A study by the QualiBest Institute reveals that 68% of consumers follow a digital influencer and, of these, 76% have already purchased a product recommended by influencers.

7. Augmented Reality

In line with the omnichannel trend that we have already mentioned, a technology that has revolutionized e-commerce is Augmented Reality (AR).

By allowing the user to interact with products virtually before purchasing them, AR offers a better customer experience, helping them to make more assertive purchases in e-commerce.

8. Diversified payment methods

The search for practicality and agility on the part of consumers has also been reflected in the payment methods used for their purchases. This means that it is essential to offer different ways for customers to pay for their orders online.

In addition to traditional credit cards and bank slips, new forms of payment have gained ground in e-commerce. This is the case with Pix and the online voucher.


9. Sustainability

We cannot fail to mention the sustainability agenda as a trend in e-commerce and the entire market, based on the need to reduce the impact of human activities on the environment.

This is a concern that has transformed people’s consumption habits globally and that has also been demanded of brands, regardless of the sector in which they operate.

10. Mobile commerce

An e-commerce trend that will be even more present in the coming years is mobile commerce or m-commerce.

This type of commerce consists of selling and purchasing products through mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Which can be carried out through the device’s browser, online store applications or social networks.

11. Marketplace

Well-known among online consumers, the marketplace is also a trend for next year. Functioning as a “virtual shopping mall”, this business model has revolutionized e-commerce.

90% of respondents to an Opinion Box survey said they shop on marketplaces. Therefore, the high demand for products on marketplaces has increased the number of entrepreneurs seeking to manage or sell on these platforms.

12. Subscription Services

Subscription services are another modality that has become very popular in recent years and continues to be a trend in e-commerce.

This is a business model that consists of the recurring sale of products or services. In it, the customer commits to making a periodic payment and receives the solution, according to the chosen plan.

13. Technology in the purchasing process

According to UPS research, approximately 86% of consumers understand that technology helps a lot during the purchasing process.

Since customer experience is an e-commerce trend that has been repeated over the years. Optimizing the purchasing process in your online store can be a major market differentiator for your company.

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