30 texts ready to sell more on Halloween, get inspired!

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30 texts ready to sell more on Halloween, get inspired!

Spooky Halloween Texts: Boost Sales Now!

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re looking for ideas to stand out in this Halloween Text. Checking out ready-made text tips can help you prepare a more creative and attractive campaign and sell more, which is essential in a market as competitive as retailers.

A good retail manager is always looking for ways to improve their company’s performance, whether to increase sales, build customer loyalty, or even find ways to save money. All these results add up and, when the balance is positive, your company grows.

Therefore, we prepared this article with several text tips ready for you to sell more this Halloween. In the end, you will also find an extra tip on how to improve the customer experience and boost sales on this and other important dates. Check out!

Sell ​​more with ready-made texts on Halloween

  1. No more being scared by the prices this Halloween, come to (store name) and find everything you are looking for in perfumery. Halloween with savings is only at (store name).
  1. How about making your Halloween party even more special? (store name) is a store specializing in party supplies. We have decorations for the table, party entrance, glasses, plates, and everything else you can imagine or need. Real Halloween, only at (store name).
  1. Are you going to enjoy this Halloween? How about getting together with friends to share good times? Take the opportunity to make your party even more special and come check out our selection of imported wines and beers. And don’t forget the appetizers, we have delicious French cheeses. We are waiting for you!

Spooky Savings Are Just a Click Away!

  1. Decorated cakes, cupcakes, and themed sweets for your Halloween party can only be found at (name of the bakery). You can choose the decoration and we will prepare everything for you. There are more than 20 flavors of cakes and cupcakes. Don’t waste time and make your reservation right now! Make your Halloween sweeter with (name of candy store)!
  1. Halloween party coming up and you still don’t know what costume to wear? So run to one of our stores and check out all our costumes. And, for purchases over R$100 reais, you also get an exclusive gift! We are waiting for you!
  1. Well-done makeup makes all the difference, doesn’t it? So why not have killer makeup for your Halloween party? Come to our salon and schedule an appointment right now! You will surprise everyone! Quality makeup, with the best professionals, is only available at (name of salon).

Scare Up Some Savings!

  1. Are you staying at home this Halloween, watching horror movies? So don’t forget to take care of your snacks. Here at (store name), you will find popcorn of different flavors, assorted candies, snacks, chips, and much more! Make your Halloween even more special, come to (store name).
  1. Have you already chosen which films you are going to watch this Halloween? So now just choose the pizza. Here at (name of restaurant ), you have more than 50 flavors of pizza, with stuffed edges! Furthermore, we have more than 15 flavors of sweet pizza! Make your Halloween night end with pizza, come to (restaurant name).
  1. A party has to have drinks, right? So don’t scare anyone this Halloween without stopping by (name of supermarket). Our entire drinks section is up to 20% off! You won’t stay out of this, will you?

Trick-or-treat, Shop, and Repeat!

  1. This Halloween will be different! We have prepared a special menu for you to celebrate this date with your friends. Visit our website (store website) or send a message to our WhatsApp (WhatsApp number) and make your reservation right now!
  1. The complete Halloween look is only available at (store name). We have costumes for all tastes and budgets. And, on purchases over R$150 reais you also get a 25% discount to make your makeup and hair look amazing at (name of salon). We are waiting for you!
  1. Get ready for Halloween with the best and scariest costumes! Visit our store and find incredible costumes for all ages and best of all, with prices that fit your budget. (store name) helping you impress this Halloween!
  1. Just because Halloween is coming doesn’t mean you need to be scared by the prices, right? That’s why (supermarket name) has prepared an incredible promotion for you. Only this October 31st, our entire store will have discounts of up to 50%. That’s exactly what you heard, a discount of up to 50%! Come check!
  1. Preparing an incredible party to celebrate Halloween in style? Then you need to take advantage of our unmissable promotions on decorative items for Halloween. Turn your party into a real horror movie!
  1. Halloween is coming and the fun can’t stop! That’s why we prepared an incredible party for you. Come join us to celebrate this date and have fun with games, activities, and special giveaways. You won’t be left out, will you? Visit our website (store website) or speak to one of our salespeople to find out how to participate.
  1. Trick or treat? Choose both! Come take advantage of our promotions. We have prepared an incredible selection of themed treats to sweeten your Halloween and have fun with your friends and family. (store name), it’s mouth-watering!

Halloween Treats for Every Ghoul and Goblin

  1. How about celebrating Halloween with a spookily delicious feast? Discover our special offers on themed food products, from decorated pumpkins to monster-decorated cupcakes. (store name), helping you leave your taste buds terrifyingly satisfied!
  1. Using the right accessories and makeup makes all the difference in your look. So take advantage of Halloween to renew your look! Discover our exclusive line of makeup and accessories that help you look beautiful on a daily basis, and create the perfect makeup look to celebrate Halloween!
  1. Be the spookiest host with our selection of Halloween party products! Find themed decorations, games, and giveaways to create a magical atmosphere. Take advantage of our promotions and make this a party that will be remembered by everyone! (store name), always ready to party!

Thrills, Chills, and Deals!

  1. Halloween is synonymous with fun for children! Come check out our selection of themed toys and games that will delight little ones. Take advantage of our special offers and guarantee frighteningly happy smiles!
  1. How about creating a movie-worthy decoration for your home this Halloween? Come and visit our store, we have everything you need to create a terrifying atmosphere in your home with our candles and themed lighting. Take advantage of our promotions to give that dark touch that the date calls for.
  1. Are you ready to face the scariest night of the year? Not yet? No problem, at (store name) we can help you with last-minute costumes and accessories. We guarantee a variety of options for you to stand out this Halloween, even at the last minute!
  1. Surprise your guests with a table that will give you goosebumps this Halloween! This year we have prepared an incredible collection of themed tableware and table decorations. Furthermore, customers who are part of the loyalty club receive a gift with any purchase they make in the store. Check out our launch section right now!

The Power of Persuasive Texts

  1. Celebrate Halloween with our spooky treat deals! Come check out our discounts on themed sweets and chocolates. Make the kids happy! Themed sweets and chocolates, only at (store name)!
  1. Enter our Halloween costume contest and win amazing prizes! Show your creativity and originality with your scariest costume. Visit our website (store website) or speak to one of our salespeople to check the contest rules! Join us for a night of scares and fun!”
  1. The perfect pumpkin may not exist, but if the intention is to scare, then that’s okay, right? Our produce section has been renovated to offer you several pumpkin options for you to carve this Halloween. Don’t miss the chance to check it out and choose one of them to light up your Halloween night. Don’t forget to take advantage of our special promotions, marked with a red label!

Trick or Treat? Definitely a Treat!

  1. Book lover and looking for a themed read for Halloween? So we at (store name) have the classic and most talked about titles for you. Come dive into horror reading and check out chilling stories! When you buy two or more books, you get an exclusive gift. Come check!
  1. Who said your pet needs to be left out of Halloween celebrations? With our themed products, your pet gets fantasy and treats! Let your four-legged friend get into the spooky spirit with cool costumes and accessories. (store name), fun is guaranteed here for the whole family!
  1. Terror and flavor come together in a unique experience! At (restaurant name), we’re ready to turn your Halloween night into a frightfully delicious feast. Our chefs worked hard to prepare a themed menu, full of delicacies that will surprise you. Make your reservation right now!
  1. Transform into an enchanting creature this Halloween! At (name of beauty salon), we offer specialty hair, makeup, and nail services to create a hauntingly elegant look. Our stylists and makeup artists will leave you looking ghoulish and stunning. Book your appointment now and discover the dark beauty you will only find at (name of beauty salon).

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