5 reasons to use a new terminal in the financial market

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5 reasons to use a new terminal in the financial market

A new terminal is a real-time financial information system used by finance professionals and investors to track financial market news, as well as market prices and trends.

This software allows users to analyze and view quote charts and tables and receive personalized alerts about specific events.

A good news terminal is an essential tool for making informed decisions in the world of business and investments. Continue reading to understand the main features that this type of tool can offer.

1. Real-time access to what’s happening

Real-time access to the latest financial news and market information is critical for investors and financial professionals to make informed and accurate decisions regarding their investments.

With live updated information, users of a news terminal can follow market trends and changes in asset prices in real-time, quickly responding to these changes and adjusting their investment strategies accordingly.

2. High breadth of coverage

The information provided by a news terminal is very comprehensive, covering various sectors of the economy and financial markets around the world.

This allows users to get an overview of the global economy and investment market, as well as specific information about companies, sectors, and regions that could affect their investment decisions.

3. Expert opinions

Another relevant aspect that news terminals usually have is real-time analyses and opinions from finance and investment experts.

These opinions and analyses can help users understand market trends and identify potential investment opportunities, as well as evaluate the risk and return of different assets and strategies.

GorilaFLOW’s Content Hub, for example, allows users to access a variety of relevant content, from market analysis to financial news. All in one place.

This Gorilla news terminal resource is produced, made available, and curated by a team of Economic Research experts. In addition, the functionality has reports from financial institutions and letters from main managers about their prospects for the future, investment theses, and performance analyses.

4. Custom Analysis Tools

The use of advanced data analysis tools, including customizable charts and quote tables, is essential for investors and financial professionals to evaluate asset performance and identify investment opportunities with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Advanced data analysis tools enable news terminal users to visualize complex data clearly and concisely, identifying hidden trends and patterns that can be difficult to detect with the naked eye.

Through these tools, users can, for example, examine the performance of assets over time, compare the performance of different sectors of the economy, and identify correlations between various financial variables.

Additionally, analysis tools allow users to customize their data visualizations by selecting the most relevant variables and configuring graphs and tables according to their needs and preferences.

In GorilaFLOW, it is possible to create personalized news boards about different sectors. You can create streams that capture news from your favorite sources in real time and use filters to highlight what matters most.

GorilaFLOW also has chart annotations, a graphical analysis tool, AI Summary, technology that uses artificial intelligence to summarize news, and many other features.

5. Communication and collaboration with other terminal users

A new terminal also enables communication and collaboration between terminal users. This function is extremely useful for investment offices, as it allows teammates to share information and investment ideas quickly and efficiently on the platform.

By making real-time communication viable on the platform, users can easily discuss investment ideas and can also share analysis, charts, news, and market events. This way, it is possible to evaluate the performance of assets together, helping to identify opportunities and make strategic decisions as a team.

Other than that, real-time collaboration allows users to work together on investment projects, dividing tasks and responsibilities according to each team member’s skills and areas of expertise. This can help increase the efficiency and accuracy of investment analysis and decisions.

Real-time communication and collaboration can also help promote transparency and accountability in an investment office by allowing team members to share information and knowledge openly and honestly.

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