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When looking for different approaches, the office furniture that is placed in them must fulfill specific functions that help optimize the development of daily tasks.

Today we list 5 types of offices, we explain what they are like and we recommend ideal furniture for each one.

Closed office

Closed offices are one of the best known and there is usually at least one in every company. This type of office, when closed, has the purpose of creating a private area to make calls and video calls. Or close important deals with executives.

Another of the objectives pursued is to carry out work activities in an environment of concentration and without interruptions. For these reasons, it is common for bosses and people with high-ranking positions in an organization to occupy this space.

One of the essential office furniture for this area is a desk that allows the person to organize themselves in the most comfortable way possible. The 1.80 meters “L” shaped desk of the Firenza line offers the possibility of placing objects to the right and left of the user, allowing the arrangement of objects and electronic devices to be optimized.

Cabinets are also a good option to include in a closed office. Whether to store documents, technology accessories, books, and other everyday objects at work.

The Universal Cal 22 cabinet from the PEME line has several compartments of different sizes in which you can organize objects and classify them by categories.

Home office

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 health pandemic, the home office work modality has become popular around the world.

This way of working has many advantages, allowing people to carry out their work tasks from home and connect with others regardless of their location. Despite this. It can become an uncomfortable process if we do not have the necessary furniture to carry out our work.

The key element for the home office to be a success is to adapt office furniture to the environment and maintain the comfort of the worker. To do this, we recommend the Naples desk with drawer and door from the Manuel Delgado line. Where you can place your computer, tablet, or any electronic device you work with, in addition to being able to store some papers or objects to avoid creating a disorganized space. It even allows you to give it a decorative touch with the 3 small shelves it has on its left side.

Shared office

When a company is too large and has a large number of collaborators, it is common to provide them with shared offices, in order to optimize the accommodation in the workspaces or to classify people in their respective work areas and promote a better cooperative work style.

The “L” modules of the Italia line, when joined together symmetrically. Form a perfect area to create a shared work office. Since each person will have a considerable space to accommodate themselves and spread out their objects without feeling invaded.

Each user can have a mobile filing cabinet, also from the Italia line. To avoid the need to get up from their seat if they require a file or document.

Find a wide variety of office furniture at your nearest Manuel Delgado branch or consult the product catalog to quote directly on our website, just click here!

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