7 steps to opening a successful convenience store

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7 steps to opening a successful convenience store

Having a successful convenience store is possible and can be a great asset to your business! But taking a big step like this can raise doubts. When the manager makes this decision, questions often arise such as which suppliers to choose, whether it is better to open a franchised store or not, and even how to organize and create strategies to attract customers. stories

Having a successful business is possible and some steps will take you towards this goal. In this article, we answer these and other questions and put together a step-by-step guide with tips to make this dream a reality.

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Attractions of a Convenience

Previously seen as a business accessory, convenience stores are now gaining prominence and taking the lead. The success of the business model is so great that consumers have often used the space without consuming it at the gas station. Some experts claim that they are the future of gas stations.

Convenience, ease, and speed are some of the attractions of a store located at a gas station. Research shows that consumers come to the store mainly for one of the following reasons:

  • It is convenient, as it is at the station or passing through that region;
  • Nearby supermarkets and restaurants are closed;
  • Ease and speed in shopping.

Therefore, anyone who intends to open a convenience store must be aware of the demand in this market and, of course, the demands of their region. Grab a pen and paper and check out the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Own store or franchise

Is this a question for you?

The first option may be to start a store from scratch, which may give you extra work. In this case, the secret is to create a business plan. Therefore, each step must be very detailed, in order to avoid failures throughout the implementation. The positive point of this option is that you can set up your convenience store your way, without having to be tied to the franchisee’s requirements.

The other option is franchising. Its advantage is that the business plan, marketing, and store model are already ready. The headache will then be much less!


Now it’s time to analyze the pros and cons of each of these options and see which one best fits your reality and how much you are willing to invest.

Step 2: Financial planning

Once you have chosen the store model – owned or franchised – it is time to evaluate all financial planning. From installation to construction, purchasing products and equipment, hiring personnel, and until the start of operations, it is necessary to know how much will be invested.

Like any business, at the beginning, don’t expect a quick return, so reserve at least three months of approximate expenses and also for unforeseen events that may arise.

Documentation and operating authorization must follow the rules of the city council of the city and state where the convenience store will be opened. Therefore, don’t forget to stop by the public office in your region and see what needs to be done.

Oh! Another legal aspect that also involves safety is the inspection of the store by the Fire Department and Anvisa. See these permits even before opening!

Step 4: Store organization

The time has come to choose the arrangement of objects within your Convenience.

The store organization project will help you better occupy the space that must be practical and comfortable for customers. Therefore, at this time it is worth having an architectural project, it will help you make the best use of the available space.

Check where the shelves will be and the location of the goods by sector. After all, some suppliers may want a more prominent location. Therefore, this is where signage comes in. The look of the space, in addition to guiding the customer on where the products are, also serves as a stimulus for purchasing those unplanned items.

Take advantage of this step to train the team that will be responsible for running the store and show them how to delight customers.

Step 5: Suppliers and employees

With the store ready, it’s time to hire the responsible team and also contact suppliers.

First of all, select the employees who will work in the store. You can do the interviews in person or hire a recruitment and selection company.

Have you already defined your Convenience style? For example, will it only sell fast food and drinks or will it also sell hygiene and cleaning products?


Stations in the city have different characteristics from highway stations. Therefore, a good idea here is to study your surroundings. So, think about what the clientele that passes by your establishment might need.

With this in mind, make contact with suppliers of the products that will be sold in your store. For example, drinks, ice cream, fast food, personal hygiene products, etc. This way you will be sure to have everything in your store even before opening.

Step 6: Store automation

And of course, to manage and know the real results of the store, a management system is necessary. This way it is possible to keep an eye on the areas of finance, purchasing, personnel, inventory, and even the customer profile.

And to make your service more agile, count on your own POS at your convenience. Choose a cloud system, it brings more security to your business data.

Step 7: Marketing Actions

Store ready and now it’s time to think about opening your business! The first step is to define the day and time of the event. A very simple and highly impactful tip is to install a banner with the opening details on the station’s premises. This way, anyone who passes by will be aware of the news.

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