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Breaking News: Gaza Rockets Target Israel

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Breaking News: Gaza Rockets Target Israel

With a barrage of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel, Hamas announces the start of a “military operation”.

Thousands of rockets have been fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip. One person was killed and fifteen were injured. Hamas has claimed responsibility for the attack and calls it a large-scale military operation against Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sits together with the army leadership.

Since this morning, the radical Palestinian movement Hamas has been bombarding Israeli cities with thousands of rockets. Air raid sirens went off in several cities, including Tel Aviv.

According to emergency services, a woman has died. Fifteen people have suffered injuries, with two of them in critical condition. Authorities have instructed Israeli residents near the Gaza border to stay indoors due to reports of Hamas militants crossing the border.

 New military operations in Gaza & Israel

Hamas speaks of a new, large-scale military operation against Israel. The military leader says he wants to put an end to “Israeli crimes” and calls on Palestinians from everywhere to join the fight. The Islamic Jihad resistance group says its fighters have joined. Hamas has also called on militias in neighboring Lebanon to attack from the north.
Israel responded in response to saying it was ready for a counter-operation and called up reservists. The army says it is at war. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holds a security meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the army.

Surprise attack

The major attack from the Gaza Strip comes as a surprise. The operation may have started after a protest took place in Gaza yesterday, with demonstrators calling for its liberation. Tensions had also risen in recent days in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

Direct attacks or clashes with the army have killed four Palestinians in the occupied West Bank since Thursday. Just yesterday, Israeli settlers were involved in a serious incident that resulted in the death of a young Palestinian in Huwara.

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