Fashion Trends 2023: Boost Your Sales

Can't resist new fashion trends? Find out which pieces you should include in your wardrobe for warmer days

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Fashion Trends 2023: Boost Your Sales

Summer has arrived and with it comes holidays for many Pakistani people. There is also the desire to breathe new life into your wardrobe, with new pieces that reflect fashion trends and guarantee the freshest and most colorful looks. A little everywhere, from the most renowned designers to the biggest international brands, including national brands and creators, the windows are filled with new fashion trends and it’s hard to resist.

So that you don’t lose your head with all the new things, start by looking at what you already have, and see what works for you and what you still like. Regarding the pieces that you insist on keeping, but that you haven’t actually worn in more than two years, the time has come to get rid of them: you can sell them, give them to that friend who has always praised these pieces or even donate them. them to an institution.

Once this first tidying is done, it will be easier to understand your real needs and which trends you should invest in.

The next step is to define a budget for what you can spend to renew your wardrobe – here, it will help to know that, since June 20th, you can pay for your clothes in three interest-free installments, with Universo.

After? Then just visit your favorite stores, whether physically or through the digital channel. We help with some trends you won’t want to miss.

The return of denim

This year, denim is back with a bang. And strength is strength! Forget the isolated piece and the rule that you never wear denim on denim. For this summer, not only is denim returning, but it’s also popular from head to toe. Denim dresses or jumpsuits, long skirts combined with corsets, and even bags and shoes.

If you can’t give in to the total look, at least add a denim piece to your wardrobe. And no, the classic denim jacket doesn’t count!

Flowers: There are never too many

This year, fashion trends dictate that it is not only the fields that flourish, but also the clothing. Choose especially to use this trend in dresses – short or long, more formal or flowing.

If you don’t want to jump into this fashion trend, choose an accessory with a floral pattern, such as a scarf or hat, shoes, a bag, or earrings. Don’t think that this trend only applies to women. Men’s shirts with floral patterns are no longer exclusive to Hawaii!

From the beach to the party

How many times has it happened to you that a trip to the beach ends in a sunset party or even a dinner? This year, more than ever, stores are full of looks that can be transformed from day to night, from the beach to the restaurant or the club.

Opt for neutral tunics and metallic accessories. This way, the probability of being prepared for any event is high. And it will definitely stand out.

No fear of color

It is already known that, with the heat comes the desire for more colorful looks, but, this year, the color block look – which is like saying the same color from head to toe – remains in force. And the more vibrant the colors, the better. Pink, yellow, neon green, etc. You need to know how to dare.

In white, I don’t commit

Is color not the best option for you? Don’t think this means you’re out of the trends. Neutral tones, such as nude or beige, are also trending this summer. Just like white, which has always been, and always will be, a good option as soon as your skin starts to take on the golden tone of beach days.

Lace and sparkles

Are you one of those people who think that lace is only on nightgowns, and sequins are only on formal dresses? So, think again. It’s just that both lace and glitter in general left the bedroom and galas to take over everyday life. Going to work in a sequin skirt, a t-shirt, and a blazer? Perfect. Going to dinner with friends on a hot night wearing a dress that looks like a negligee? You’ll be the queen of the party.

Functional like in the army

Just as leggings and pads have returned, now it’s the turn of pants with pockets on the legs to prove how cyclical fashion is. Especially in more neutral/earthy tones, such as khaki or beige, in fabrics that can range from traditional twill to original satin. The big difference is that, suddenly, this type of pants is no longer exclusive to more relaxed looks. Pair it with a top and high heel sandals and get ready to rock.

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