Gardens with stones: ideas to decorate with them

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Gardens with stones ideas to decorate with them

Gardens with stones, especially well used, appear more complete, since in natural landscapes such as forests, for example, rocks always go hand in hand with vegetation. The stones themselves have an intrinsic beauty, derived from their shapes, colors, texture, and nuances. In their style, they are as decorative as plants and flowers and unlike them, they do not require the slightest maintenance.

There are many varieties, colors, and sizes and each one has its charm. They look good with or without grass, in gardens with lush vegetation. Or in corners with a couple of cacti or succulents. When we combine them with flowers they create a fabulous contrast that captures everyone’s attention and when we want to use them as a unique decorative element. They work as well as if they were sculptures.

Sloping land often needs stones to hold the soil in place, allowing plants and flowers to grow without fear of erosion destroying the most delicate varieties. It is a virtually indestructible construction and covering material that integrates with the garden. like few others manage to do, rivaling only wood. Another organic material.

Join us to learn some ways to create the most beautiful gardens with stones and use this magnificent material in the best way.

Gardens without grass

Although for some it is inconceivable to think of a garden without grass. It is a trend that is growing due to the dizzying pace of life we ​​lead. Not many are willing to have high-maintenance exteriors. If anyone can identify with it then look no further. Gardens without grass, covered with stones, and with some local plants that need little watering and care are the solution.

Small gardens with stones

Small gardens gain a lot when they are divided into areas since a small square of grass does not make them visually very interesting. Allocating areas of the garden. Especially the perimeter. Decorated with stones of different sizes will add color and texture, making the garden look more intricate and giving it a complexity that vegetation alone cannot always provide.

Front gardens with stones

Once again. The issue of maintenance plays an important role and there are not many who are willing to actively take care of the front garden, especially if it has direct access from the street. In this case, the stones can generate spectacular spaces, which will have to be taken care of little or nothing at all.

Stone garden decoration

There are many ways to decorate gardens with stones. From using them to cover the floor or walls to distributing them in such a way that it seems like the work of Mother Nature. Stones will always be an element that adds value. The largest stones can be used as seats. We can use them to create a Zen garden in some space in our house and even to give ponds and pools a more natural feel.

Types of garden stones

There are countless varieties of stones. However, as always, we recommend using local ones. Since they are cheaper due to lower transportation prices and because they will look better in the middle of the landscape as if they had always been there. We can also opt for different varieties of quartz. River stones are round and smooth due to the effect of water. Flagstones for construction, and flat stones to create paths or paths within the garden. We can also add the entire range of gravel and gravel that is on the market. In different colors and thicknesses.

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