GTA 6 Gameplay in San Andreas: New Mechanics Revealed

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GTA 6 Gameplay in San Andreas: New Mechanics Revealed

GTA 6: leak reveals new gameplay and mechanics of San Andreas

A hidden interface from a supposed test version of GTA 6 gameplay San Andreas revealed possible details about the upcoming game’s mechanics. Shared on Reddit, the resources show information about dynamic animations, interactions with NPCs (non-playable characters), and a faction system.
The findings of the Reddit user known as Tobbelobben were in the AI ​​debug interface of the GTA 6 test build. It contains several experimentation options whose names anticipate features of the new game’s open world.

AI DEBUG Menu from the GTA 6 Leaks Suggests Exciting Game Mechanics Procedural Animations NPC Intelligence, Changing Environments, and More
Reddit users listed a lot of information about GTA 6 Source: Reddit

Among the new features found is the procedural movement system, whose purpose is to guarantee dynamic animations for the game’s NPCs to react to environmental conditions. The system would be complemented by functions of expressions, gestures, emotions, and better facial expressions.

The systems found do not only apply to humans. The intelligence of animals present in the world will also be improved. According to the informant, the game’s fauna would behave similarly to the animals in Red Dead Redemption 2 and even have tamable horses.

NPCs with memory

One of the features found in the menu, “AIMemory“, suggests that GTA 6 NPCs will be able to memorize the player’s actions and make decisions based on them. The feature can be complemented by “PersistentCharacter“, a function that can allow extras to remember interactions with the protagonist.

Faction system

In GTA 6, Rockstar may inaugurate a faction system. Features found in the menu suggest that NPCs will be able to gather together in gangs, just as happened in GTA: San Andreas, and fight for control over areas of the city.

GTA 6 may have a new faction system similar to that of GTA: San Andreas.
GTA 6 may have a new faction system similar to that of GTA: San Andreas. Source:  GTA Wiki 

There is still no concrete information about the resource. However, the names contained in the menu suggest that factions can have different types of combat, can define groups, and establish more complex activities within a faction.

Release date still unknown

Unfortunately, the release date for GTA 6 is still a mystery. So far, there is no concrete information even for the release of the game’s first trailer. Even though the community has speculated so much in recent weeks.

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